Journaling to Find Yourself: Prompts for Self Discovery (Interactive)

I Is For Invest

My father was a banker on Wall Street so my brother and I were taught to save our money in order to invest in our future. By following his advice, I was able to travel to 13 countries in Europe after graduating from college, buy a car, and later buy a house. After I had children, I invested in their college funds, which two are now using to attend a very innovative business college.

The Art of Me Time

In an age where everyone wants to be connected 24/7, it is even more important to unplug and spend time alone. Master the Art of Me Time.

Know What Actually Matters In Your Life And Discover Your Passion

Exactly what are the things that really matter to you at work? Many of these people are experiencing irregular sleeping routines, stress, and left for years wondering what truly matters in their life. Given that work is not just an eight-hour disturbance of the day and that you invest many of waking hours on it, it is crucial to begin discovering your passion and real abundant enthusiasm and integrate it in your job. For you to feel what truly matters it is crucial that you can plainly figure out the how, when, and why of the discovery of discovering pleasure, calmness, and satisfaction in life. If you want to find your passion you should let your heart and real calling guide you.

How Do You Find Your Passion And A Life Of Success?

What’s your passion? Do you know the abundance you can really manifest from of your diligent work in discovering your passion? If you feel like you are stuck in your present task, perhaps often asking and wondering what’s your passion, you have to reconsider your life and where you are taking it. Living to earn is so various from earning a living. With the latter, you can be more adventurous and answer to what’s your passion. Life can be more fun, specifically when you are pursuing the things that you actually like and generating income at the same time.

Never Too Old To Begin Pursuing Dreams And Your Passion Into Profit

If you are at the point in your life when you seem like you are currently too old to turn your passion into profit and pursue the path in finding your enthusiasm, stop that thought. Stop it dead in its tracks! Nobody is too old or neither too young to go where they truly wish to go. If you surrender and quit on turning your passion into profit, you will never ever understand exactly what could have happened if only you have allowed yourself to take risks in order to attain what you heart desires.

Serenity Amidst Chaos

Seventeen years ago, I was training to become a CPC (certified professional coach) and being coached myself. I asked her how to maintain a sense of calm within the storm of my life at the time. She had me come up with an image, and I immediately saw a Buddhist monk in saffron gold robes.

The Best Action Taking Steps To Find To Live Your Passion

Following your passion brings individual power and awakens yourself to the charm of the world. It leads you to the heart of spiritual journey as it changes your feelings, ideas, and perceptions. Discovering your passion does not guarantee a simple life rather a rich life open to hopes and possibility

Why You Should Never Let Go Of Your Self-Respect And Dignity

Self-respect and dignity is so vitally important for human survival. It truly is a type of love for your real Self, and it solidifies your connection with the Universe. Self-respect and dignity gives us a sense of being an integral part of the whole. How do I know this?

Parental Influence on Infant Brain Development

The role of a parent in an individual’s mental health development and the health of our society, has never been so prevalent to me after studying the theories of Alfred Adler, Louis Cozolino, and Karen Horney. Each of these theorists agree that early childhood experiences determine a person’s behavior and world view for the rest of their lives.

Why You Should Read A Book a Day

A book is a gift, you can open over and over again-Garrison Keillor Bill Gates, the richest man on the planet, takes a weeklong vacation annually, to read. Elon Musk, known for building rockets and having started three companies that have gone on to become more than a billion dollars’ worth each, attributes his success to reading books. What is it exactly about reading that makes it a common trait among successful people?

Why You Should Never Give Up When You’re Feeling Lonely And Sad

Many of us go through tough times in life, and it is quite easy to begin feeling lonely and sad and get caught up in feeling overwhelmed. Feeling lonely and sad, and perhaps imprisoned or isolated, often may keep you filled with anxiety and depression. So let’s try to remember that while you are getting caught up in these kinds of thoughts and feelings that you are in charge of embracing your life. After all, A Course in Miracles asks us to consider that, “On your learning depends the welfare of the world.”

If You Are Worrying Way Too Much, Allow Having A Positive Attitude A Chance For Healing

For years I’d seek out tons of books on having a positive attitude, self-help, new age, spirituality, and psychology to philosophy. This went on unto finally I allowed the light to enter, and I no longer had to force myself to think positive thoughts. I finally freed myself and opened my eyes to a wonderful awakening. I discovered that the door to my inner prison cell was never locked and would easily slide open once I accepted that freedom was nowhere to be found, but is always with us. I would see my freedom in knowing it is okay to accept what’s going on in each instant. A “holy instant,” if you will.

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