Journaling for Beginners: Interactive Journal With Me (3 prompts, 5 min each)

A Guide to Increasing Your Productivity

The article is aimed at assisting people to improve their productivity. It, however, focuses on principle of improving productivity – The Principle of Prioritising.

What Handwriting Reveals

Handwriting… what does it reveal? Some say nothing, others say everything. Every act of a man’s life bears the stamp of his personality. Handwriting analysis is based on observation of personality backed by common sense. Some people fail to see the character of the person being analyzed through handwriting analysis. However, those willing to study handwriting enjoy the advantages of study in this science.

The Highly Sensitive Person Disorder

Highly Sensitive Individuals more often than not make great detectives, forecasters and investigators as their eagerness for information, knowledge and disturbing queries thrust them deeper into the area of understanding. Often in rummage around of themselves, they are able to grasp that all things fit collectively, but fall short to appreciate how. Their qualities can be observed by some as a reclusive person who is reluctant to build up social expertise outside of a few harmless settings.

Self-Help for Highly Sensitive Individuals

The highly sensitive individual must first get to know themselves in the milieu of their trait. They can do this by reading books about their trait and connecting with other highly sensitive individuals to share experiences.

Let Me Be Love

Meister Eckhart wrote in the 13th Century that “All God wants of Thee, is for Thee to go out of thyself and let God be God in Thee” Seemingly, suggesting that we can be, do have anything if we just get out of our own way. To let go of ego, of worry, of concern about what others think, of what WE think and allow our true essence, our brilliant, God-stuff of which we are made, to shine.

How To Be A Soul Winner

To win others for Christ is a lifelong commitment and the ultimate purpose of a born again Christian here on earth. The church primary responsibility I suppose would be training their people on how to be soul winners. Unfortunately this hasn’t been the case, leaving millions of Christians unproductive concerning winning the lost for Jesus Christ. I’ve been involved in soul winning since the seventies and by God’s grace have brought many in person and in group to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Temporary Belief Vs Resultant Belief

Peace of mind can never be got without being wise enough to discover the major threats, responsible for our disturbance and restlessness. I’ve discovered two factors, playing a huge role in that case: Temporary belief and Resultant belief. Temporary belief or accidental belief is the belief that emerges occasionally when we get or lose something great.

Lessons From Nature

Can the universe provide the best working examples in the pursuit of our dreams? This essay examines this concept, suggesting that in light of alternative actions and consequences…this Is the only way.

Five Steps to Having It All

I like to say that you can have it all, but you just can’t do it all yourself. The smartest and most successful women I know are excellent delegators. They understand that there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. They also realize that there is tremendous power in community, and being humble enough to ask for help.

Scars in the Mirror

Every morning, when I look in the mirror, my eyes are drawn to a small one-and-a-half inch scar at the base of my neck. It is what was left after my plastic surgeon removed skin cancer. I say ‘my’ plastic surgeon because I see him every six weeks or so, yes, I said six weeks to have something either cut-out or lazed off. It’s kind of like getting a haircut you know, something lots of guys do every six weeks. It’s the small price I pay for taking immune suppressant drugs that allow me to keep my transplanted lungs. I have other scars too. Truth be told, over the course of my life, particularly in the last 10 years, I have accumulated a few ‘quality’ scars in different parts of my body, some more visible than others, and each one with its own story.

Activating the Third Eye Chakra

Have you ever been to numerologist? If yes, then few of the questions amongst the running questions in your mind must be how does he/she know so much about me? How come his/her predictions were so correct?

Experience the Triumph of Life: Heal the Solar Plexus Chakra

“Worrying is nothing but a constant repetition of certain words in the mind.” Inactivity of the solar plexus chakra drains away a person’s energy and takes that person out of the total awareness and bliss of the moment.

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