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Who Do You Talk to More Often

Your inner voice comes from within you. It sees the bigger picture and helps guide you towards your true life expression. It is that intuitive feeling that tells you to do something outside of the ordinary; take a particular turn off a road, change flights, go into a store without knowing why and many more spur-of the moment things we do as if on impulse, prodded on by something in the back or our minds…

When Will You Take That First Step?

Dreams, goals and aspirations are essential components in personal development and growth. However, these must bring forth the necessary plan and planning that promotes their implementation. Perhaps one of the most essential aspects, albeit often the most neglected, avoided and/ or overlooked, is to actually begin.

5 Steps to Live Inspired: Finding Meaning, Purpose and Passion in Day to Day Living

We all want to live feeling inspired, to greet each day with enthusiasm, excitement, and joy. Inspiration is what helps fuel our lives. Yet most of us live life in monotony, depletion, unhappiness, boredom, and sometimes even feeling empty. All of us have experienced that feeling that something is missing and not knowing what. Both Dianne & Roya, have been there. We both had our individual path to success. Between us we have all sorts of degrees: A juris doctorate, a Masters in Counseling, a Masters of Business Administration. We took our degrees and hit the road to success. Thinking that when we were successful we would be happy. Right?

What Lonely People Say

What’s your reason for being lonely? There are reasons and there are misguided excuses. You can identify which are excuses and which are reasons by hearing what lonely peoples say.

Are You Seeing What’s Really There, or Just Hallucinating?

At any particular time, what we perceive – what goes to make up our personal reality – is determined, to a greater or lesser extent, by our presenting needs. It doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the purely physical properties of the world around us. When our in-built survival mechanisms are doing the job they were meant to do, our senses will scan the presenting world-view for elements that will satisfy our subjective needs at that particular moment, and these needs may be physical or emotional.

It Is HARD to Get a “Second Chance” – But EASY to Give One!

People jump to conclusions about others. It is hard to get past that first impression, but you can. While it might be hard to get a second chance, you can always give one to other. This will help you succeed in your business and personal life.

How to Turn Your Life Around After Losing Your Job

The last couple of years have been difficult for a lot of us with redundancies and job losses adding to our feelings of insecurity. But times of uncertainty can lead you to make choices that take you out of your comfort zone, leading to big changes in your life and perhaps prompting you to create a better life. This is a personal account of the decisions and actions I took when I was made redundant.

Ways to Be Happy More Often?

Everyday life can drain our physical energy, leaving us fatigued. But emotional energy is rather different.

How to Get Over Post-Dramatic Valentine’s Day Suffering Syndrome (PDVSS)

I have finally figured out that there is no need to suffer on Valentine’s Day, or on any other day, for that matter. Join me! Let’s toss out our old love stories and create new ones!

No Need to Hibernate All Winter

Having a hard time coping with the blistery weather this winter? Warm up your mind and body with these 4 tips.

Milestones Are Not Set in Stone

After a milestone event, recognize that the future is not set in the same stone. Use these 4 tips to choose how you will continue toward the next milestone in your own unique way.

Life Doesn’t Always Go According To Plan

Think back to a moment when a life situation did not turn out as planned – imagine the details as best you can. There may have been an expected outcome you had hoped for. You may have witnessed your well laid-out plans crumble before your very eyes. Take comfort since life does not always go according to plan.

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