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Personal Growth: The Road to Success and Riches

The road to success begins with your willingness to embrace change and let go of attitudes and personal traits that no longer support personal development. By removing the old, that which has not produced results, you are actually making room for the new to be born and grow. And if you only dare to dare – you will be way ahead in your pursuit of personal growth.

Get Going, Move Forward

Are you just talking or are you acting? Words do not move us forward, action does.

How to Move Through Fear With Love

According to A Course In Miracles, there are only two emotions: Love and Fear and that those two energies cannot live and breathe in the same space. Ultimately, you have a choice to either live from a state of love or live from a state of fear.

Where’s Your Sense of Belonging?

Recently, in conversation with a friend, we probed the theme of belonging. What is it to belong? What does it look and feel like? What meaning does it bring to our lives? It got me thinking: how do I embrace ‘belonging’?

Tantra Online Courses – Learning Tantra On The Internet

A tantra online course is a perfectly valid means of learning tantra, provided that you opt for the right tantra teacher. If both the tantra master and the tantra online course material are of professional grade, you can benefit a lot from step by step tantra instructions. In fact, thousands of tantra students are currently attaining higher relationship benchmarks via online tantra consulting and personal tantra sessions.

A Lesson in Goal Setting – With Football?

Our whole family went to a Vikings game in Minneapolis. By the 4th quarter I was totally fired up. No, not about the game as we were losing but because of the tie-ins between the game of football and setting goals.

Destiny’s Unfolding – Piece by Piece

In my book, I recounted how while in prayer a few years ago during a very challenging part of my life, I was hit by a sudden shock-like sensation surging through me. A feeling completely overtook my body, subliminally “telling” me with utmost clarity that I was to be entrusted with a life mission to lead a very important effort. What that was to be, I had no idea.

Three Steps to Become the Captain of Your Life

How did you feel when you first heard or read the expression, “you are the captain of your soul?” It struck fear in my heart, when in church as a young child. Substituting the word “life” for “soul” was the breakthrough to start wearing my “captain’s hat.” The three steps to being the captain of your life can be repeated, as many times you want. There is no limit except time itself, so use time wisely. Life will flow easier and you will experience more of what you want in less time, thus making life more fulfilling. Becoming “captain” is a wonderful and evolving experience.

Your Unique Personal Development Plan

What is your personal development plan? Are you becoming a better person everyday? These are simple, but often difficult questions to answer.

Personal Development – Rich People Aren’t Born, They Are Built – Review

At some point people wonder what makes extra successful people different from them. They often wonder what these people have that others don’t to make them stand out and with, seemingly, little effort turn everything they touch into gold.

Nobody’s Perfect, But We Can Be More

Everyone accepts that nobody is perfect and it is impossible for anyone to be perfect. At the same time, almost everyone would like to know and be in unity with God, or whatever term you use for what you perceive as a greater being. The problem is that God is perfect and there is no way for anyone to be in unity with perfection unless you are perfect yourself. How can you have a desire to unify with perfection when you accept that it is impossible for you to be perfect?

He Keeps Reminding Us

We all have forgotten something at some point in our lives. Some of us need reminders about most everything. We get so caught up in life, we tend to forget what is important. We tend to forget the big picture.

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