It’s Time to Manifest Miracles and Opportunities into Your Life!! [Law of Attraction]

The Disturbing Truth About Subconscious Power

There are many people today who have all kinds of programs and systems and services for helping people to reprogram their subconscious minds. While I am not going to dispute that these kinds of approaches are effective, I am going to share a perspective on subconscious power that is not very popular today.

Midlife Crisis: The Cure for Your Own Personal Groundhog Day

Your future may be just as set in stone as your past. We are doomed to repeat the present, over and over again unless you take different actions. You can re-write your future and prevent your own personal version of “Groundhog Day.” Here’s how.

The Second Best Time Is Right Now

It’s never too late to pick up on unfinished business that gives you satisfaction. It’s also never too late to find new opportunities,new joy, new reasons for being and for making a difference to yourself and others.


IMAGEOLOGY is a term coined by Drs. Joyce Knudsen and Desmond Chan. “If I am not for myself, who will be for me?

Positive Women: How Go With The Flow And Live In The Now Can Screw Up Your Life Forever

When life gets confusing, difficult and or frustrating, women are the first ones to seek a solution before men and it is important to know that going with the flow and living in the now to let yourself off the hook and ease the pain can really screw up your life. I’ll share what to do instead that gives you your power back.

5 Ways to Have More Self Discipline

During the July 4th weekend, I traveled to Lackland Texas to see my son graduate from the Air Force Basic Military Training. During the graduation, the leadership spoke about the fact that the purpose of basic military training is to discipline the trainees in how conduct themselves and behave. So, I began to think more about what business owners could do to increase their self discipline. Five (5) ways include prayer; focusing on the end results; focus on self controlled decision making; exercise; and eating anti depressant foods.

Our Subconscious Mind – The Conscious Illusion

Our subconscious mind automatically run programs which keep us functioning on an unconscious level. The easy to understand analogy in this article explains how over 99% of our thinking is unconscious. Discover the workings of the subconscious mind and learn how it continually sabotages your ability to realise your goals by finding your weakest point of resolve. You will gain an awareness of how your subconscious mind works which will enable you choose how you act in life instead of conditioned reactions that no longer serve you.

Your Potential To Achieve Success And The Importance Of Acting On It!

Having the potential to achieve success and actually acting on it are two completely different things. Merely having the potential to be something does not mean it will be handed to you on a platter. Choose to claim your success today!

Aloof Behaviour: What Causes It?

This is an area I have been reflecting on for many years, pondering and asking myself why such behaviour exists. And with my recent expression through writing, felt it was time to talk about this interesting and often confusing area of behaviour.

Life Experiences – Turn Your Past Into Simple History

The relationship between your past and your present is complex. Your experiences, particularly early life experiences, have affected profoundly who you are today. There is no such being as an historical person.

The Power of Illusions

Many of us enjoy the illusions that we see performed by a magician or the static images of a picture that looks as if it is moving. These type of tricks that are played on our brains are fun, but not all illusions are enjoyable. In fact, some illusions are not good for us. Some may cause us to become stuck or even ill.

Release Your Past and Move Forward With Your Life

We cannot live our lives to the fullest unless we learn the ways to release the failures we have made and the disappointments we’ve encountered and stop taking them into our future. Past pain, bitterness, and disappointments are heavy to bear and can drastically influence our mood, attitude, relationships, job, etc. Your self-esteem is corroded by negativity and you will never really have a life that is free from it.

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