Inviting Brighter Days ☀️ 2021 Artist of Life Workbook

Life In The Spirit World And How I Discovered Abundance Of Joy In This Realm

Can we say that if will be somewhere in the realm of the spirit, being there in spirit, will you actually be with them? The realm of the spirit certainly does make the material world. May we further say that this means our true essence is life in the spirit world. Many of you have messaged me asking to know more about how the story rested at the wine tasting event, which I’d only been in attendance in the realm of the spirit, with my physical body behind bars in a an Ohio prison.

The Hidden Superpowers of A Human Being

Human beings do always possess some kind of superpowers in them. The need of the hour is to discover them and use them accordingly in their lives.

Four Ways To Overcome Shyness By Developing Social Skills

Have you ever wanted to strike up a conversation with the person next to you on the train? Or wasted your Saturday night propping up the bar while watching other guys approach and chat to the girls? Well you’re not alone, I’ve been there myself! But with a little work on developing social skills, you can overcome shyness and become the social magnet you’ve always wanted to be.

Begin Making A Better World For Yourself By Manifesting Abundance Through Abundance Thinking

Consider where you are right now. I’m not talking about your physical surroundings; I mean the kingdom you have made. Can you honestly judge its worth? Is your chosen kingdom where you will have the natural ability to always be manifesting abundance and experience joy, eternally? If so, then it is a place where manifesting abundance and peace is protected from conflict and your heart untouched by fear or loss. You cannot physically manufacture or construct this place, or anything like it, any more than you can make yourself. This place of abundance thinking, the “natural you” was created for you along with you; yet you deny it.

How To Replace Bad Habits With Good Ones

Habits are one of the hardest things to break or get rid of, and yet, if you know how to replace bad habits with good ones, you can mold and create a better you which give you better opportunities in business and life. It may somehow look complicated but is not an impossible feat to achieve.

Being Alone And Lonely Are Two Different Things

Oddly enough, most people seem often confused with the fact that being alone and lonely are two different things. In a world which is usually full of noise, it is imperative to enjoy quiet times of solitude rather than dull feelings of loneliness, even when socializing with others is a part of life.

How To Let Go Of Resentment

Once we feel like we have been treated unfairly, we generally get into a bitterness mode and shifting to let go of resentment becomes difficult. So, if you cannot remember the last time you actually felt overpowered by gratitude, joy, and freedom, then you may still have some resentments.

Personal Identity Is Power: Discover and Brand Your Kingdom Identity and Purpose

The ability to fulfill the Kingdom purpose designed exclusively for you comes from understanding your unique identity. Your personal brand must reflect who you are from the inside out. If you don’t label yourself, someone else will.

Recommended Actions to Support & Promote World Breastfeeding Week

World Breastfeeding week, first week of August, know the importance of breastfeeding. Support, inform, educate, and make people aware.

How to Let Go Of Those Feelings Of Worthlessness And Begin Finding Joy In Life

When we have feelings of worthlessness, we often treat ourselves poorly. But you are capable of rising above such statements as I feel so worthless, and on to optimistic self-worth. Quite often individuals experiencing feelings of worthlessness or low self-esteem hardly ever experience a state of naturalness. If you are one of those who believe they are only their body and that the body is where it all ends, you probably would not find my books and articles enlightening. Since you are reading this, it most likely means that you have had at least a glimpse of something beyond your flesh and bones.

Prosperity and Success Starts With Imagination

Self Development has been the keystone of an upward growing society. In recent decades it has become an industry.

P Is For Please

I wrote an article a few years ago on common courtesy and it struck a chord with many people. It seems that people today do not have good manners which is a shame. A simple “please” or “thank you” can go a long way in gaining one’s attention and respect.

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