Investing in Stocks & Crypto: Tips for the Beginner Investor

A Primer on Oil Rig Entry-Level Jobs

Like any other industry, oil rigs have their own career ladder that you must traverse, before you can make it big in this business. You were probably attracted to this industry in the first place because you have heard great stories about oil rig workers earning well over $100,000 a year working in oil rigs.

The Secret of How to Concentrate Effectively

When you learn how to concentrate, it can become one of your critical life skills, irrespective of what field you work in. Here are five simple ways you can boost your focus and enhance your level of concentration.

The Word Resource

As tools in the Hands of an Artisan, Words are a person’s resources for achieving endless possibilities. A Health accumulation of the correct vocabulary can increase a person’s effectiveness.

5 Job Search Strategies for Older Workers

Looking for a job at any age can be a daunting experience. But, when you are 55 and over, it can be overwhelming. So much so that many older Americans – though they need and want to work – simply give up.

Accepting With Grace Both Time and Place

We are so many times in the wrong place and at an inappropriate time. We wish to give a provision of care, but we cannot because not all things are as they should be. This we best accept: that’s wisdom, along with the courage to know when to say or do something and then in simply doing it.

The Warrior, The Inner Voice And The Mountains Of Fear

The stars shone brightly against the dark night sky. A light wind in the air that whistled through the mountains and valleys. The landscape looked black and empty.

You Suddenly Realize You’ve Outgrown Your Life – Now What?

It’s a funny thing about change. Normally our perspective on “change” is developed overtime based on significant life events.

The Person Who Speaks With Confidence Is Always Seen As the Expert

People judge our competence by the confidence that we show when we stand up and speak, and the person who can stand up and say what he or she wants to say with poise will always be seen as an expert in their field. The person who can’t will have a hard time convincing the people around him that he’s a leader, though.

How Do You Start Momentum?

We all want momentum in our lives. How do we get it? Here are the two things that are absolutely required to create positive momentum in your life.

Managing Conflict – Within and Outside

Conflict Management is important from both inner self and outer character. Only by improving in both ways can one lead a stable and self controlled life.

Advanced Techniques to Manage Your Energy

The next two articles are the final segments in this series which has examined the issue of feeling highly sensitive to other people and their emotions, or to chaotic noisy or low energy environments that can leave you feeling zapped. We discussed energy techniques in Part III of this series to help you not to take on or absorb other people’s energy. Two of the techniques can be combined to more powerfully assist you to hold your space no matter what is going on around you.

15 Natural Ways To Boost Your Energy

There are many ways to give you a boost of energy when you’re feeling drowsy, but the trick is to find a natural way to give you that energy boost. The first thing we do when we need a quick energy “fix” is to run to the coffee machine and get our dose of caffeine. Another “quick fix” is to drink our favorite energy drink booster, which of course gives you the shot of energy you want, but at what expense?

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