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Excess Living Is Available To Everybody – Including You!

Many folks think that it’s not possible to enjoy excess living. They think that they have to live in deficiency and they actually merit scarcity. Are you feeling that way?

Be You

If you do not know who you are, someone else will tell you, who they think you should be and you will begin to be that person for them. If you allow this to happen, you will never be truly happy with yourself. When you’re not happy with yourself, you make uncertain choices, which leads to a dissatisfied life.

Total Life Makeover: Four Areas of Life That Could Use a Face Lift

Need to completely makeover your life. I have identified four major areas that most people need to organize for successful living.

Opportunity Is Everywhere

Opportunities are all around you, they are in your current job, in your backyard, in your home, within your own body and mind, and all you need to do is notice them for what they are. “Acres of Diamonds” is a great speech about true people who walked away from fortunes because they failed to notice the wealth at their feet and went in search of it far away from where they lived. One of the most overlooked keys to success is evaluating yourself and the place where you live. Look at yourself and your home with new eyes; try to look at it as if you were a visitor looking at it all for the first time. Write down what you see and make note of the skills and resources you notice.

Destiny Vs Choice

Destiny. Many of us regard destiny as something that we cannot change, and asking average persons concerning destiny would give you answers like the ill-fated and fortunate, and even death… into which I disagree. Destiny is something that is intangible, but is also changeable. It is something that we can alter through choice, the right, opportunity and freedom to choose.

If You Talk All You Like Even God Will Not Hear You

Many times if things doesn’t go right people blame it on luck, fate and they don’t make any attempt to introspect and dig out certain realities. It is said and accepted by people that one can’t always be a good man in the eyes of everyone.

Can You Create Reality Through Your Beliefs?

Do we create the world around us with our thoughts and beliefs? It sounds a bit strange at first, but suspend your disbelief, if you will, in such esoteric notions for a moment.

How to Let Go of the Past And Move Into Your Future!

We all have something that hurts, our own story, does it still hurt or is it buried deep in a secure box somewhere in your subconscious mind? Either way it is most likely blocking you from being and living your true potential! let Go of the Past. We all deal with things very differently, pain especially, some of us fall apart and others just seem to stride on with no effect.

Harmonizing a Master Mind Group

Before a person can harmonize a master mind group it is necessary to harmonize the mind within yourself. There is a constant struggle within everyone’s mind between the basic desires and the desires to become successful and do the right thing; the battle between right and wrong. There are many battles fought on a daily bases within everyone’s mind to do what THEY believe is right and not succumb to what THEY believe is wrong.

How to Use Journaling for Stress Relief

Are you stressed, angry, confused? Do you suffer from information overload and can’t think clearly? Take heart, take up journaling. Did you know that journaling for stress relief can be as beneficial as meditation?

New Age Thinking And REAL Wellness: Are The Two Compatible?

Many gurus have achieved dazzling success with New Age books and other products. These entrepreneurs consist of a variety of psychics, clairvoyants, holistic therapists, angel channelers, intuitives, affirmation producers, transcendental meditators, metaphysical tract writers, reflexologists, enema facilitators, forgiveness specialists, prayer healers, karmic interpreters, energy redistributing wand-wavers, Japanese water researchers, prayer cures, mystical Tao Te Ching experts and others hawking crystals, rocks, jewelry, belly dance and Goddess wear. Most of these characters are vastly more popular, highly regarded and richer than any wellness professional, unless you count the Pope as a wellness promoter.

Success Involves Giving to Receive

Recently someone asked why they should give their product away for free. They felt like they were losing out on sales. But the opposite is true, by giving away your product for free and letting others do the same you stand the chance of increasing your sales exponentially. The trick is to create a report that offers something of value, usually information. Within the report you present 1 to 3 additional products as examples or tools to help achieve what you are explaining. Of course links are links to your higher end products or affiliate links.

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