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Mirror Mirror on the Wall: How We Are Able to See Others

This article explores the process that enable our likes and dislikes to develop and crystallize. Briefly, it explores the concept of the Other as a mirror of the self, a mirror thru which we see what is actually within ourself.

Just Laid-Off From Work? Why Not Go Back to School?

A discussion on the merits of going back to school after you’ve been laid-off from work. Here are a few reasons to help you decide if going back to school will help your chances of getting employment again, soon.

How Wilderness Journeys Create Transformational Growth

As we reach toward our goals, having left our former comfort zone, we often find ourselves in what seems to be an inhospitable wilderness, wondering how we will ever get to where we are going. This is what Jeff has aptly named The Land Between. When we find ourselves in this place…

EFT Tapping: My Family Doesn’t Approve of Me

One of the more common limiting beliefs people hold is that, “My family doesn’t approve of me.” You may be aware that you believe your family doesn’t approve of you, or you may carry the belief around just under the surface of your consciousness, not really aware that you hold the belief.

Looking Beyond One’s Physical Appearance to Find Their Inner Beauty

How many times have you seen a person and judged them strictly on their appearance? Or, how many times have you turned away or avoided someone simply because of their appearance? If you find yourself making judgments or avoiding people based on their appearance, you are missing out on opportunities to meet some potentially intelligent, interesting, and fascinating people. This article includes some thoughts related to the advantages of looking beyond an individual’s outer or physical appearance.

A Personal Challenge

It’s a small exaggeration to say that there were points when we thought one of us was going to die, or at best, we were going to drive each other crazy. By the time we got to our destination we were out of water, the heat had skyrocketed to over 100 degrees, the flies were as big as small dogs, and the mosquitoes swarmed in cloud-like unison. To make matters worse, we had to turn around and go back 4-5 hours journey to have any hope at cooling off the next day.

The Five Rules For A Really Great Life

You know how some people seem to live the most extraordinary lives? They love what they do for work. They are in happy relationships. Each day is valued and treasured. What do these people know that helps them live this way? They know themselves – they know their talents, strengths and passions – and build their lives around these attributes. They know the Five Rules For A Really Great Life.

I Need Liquor to Survive! The Buck of Loneliness and Emptiness of Life

The expression on the title of this article above “I need liquor to survive!” is not taken from a folk tale. It is a statement uttered by a normal ordinary average American man, who has a good job, wife and children.

Personal Growth – How To Discover Yourself And Grow From Within To Achieve Your Dreams And Goals

Have dreams? Want your life to go in another direction but don’t know how to change it or direct it? People in your life holding you back? Obligations, responsibilities and commitments preventing you from doing the things you want to do? STOP!…..You CAN achieve your goals. You CAN live the life you have always wanted and dreamed of. You can gain the freedom from worry and oppression that holds you down and keeps you from becoming who you REALLY are. Do you know your self well of enough to discover your strengths, are you strong enough to stand by your convictions?

Setting Your Personal KPI

KPIs are not only made for businesses since they can also be used to measure ourselves in accordance to our goals. Learn how you can create personal KPI that is suitable for you.

Spirited Living

There is a new Australian TV series called “Spirited’ which illustrates a relationship of sorts, between Henry (a ghost) and Suzy (the only person who can see him). Henry is trapped in ghost-format in Suzy’s apartment because it appears he needs to resolve some life issues still. He’s stuck in this particular building, being not alive, but also not quite dead. This couple have interesting and odd interactions, with him being inadvertently part of her family dramas (because he can’t go anywhere!).

The Art Of Elimination

When people talk about growth, they automatically associate it with doing, being, having, MORE. Growth is something that seems to mean bigger, stronger, and better. And in many respects, it does.

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