Inner Child Healing | 10 Minute Guided Meditation

What Your Job Can Teach You About Your Life

Most of us succeed in spite of ourselves. That is to say, by and large we achieve enough to get by, sometimes better than we hope, normally enough to survive from day to day without too much hassle and setback.

Young Athlete Professional – Making Good Choices

More often than the educated, high profile profession, when young, impressionable athletes achieve the kind of wealth they dream of, they don’t think about the future or the consequences of their actions or poor decision making. They are consumed with their fame and fortune. They believe that life revolves around them and they will be forever young.

Personal Development and Secret Success – Tips to Self Growth

Personal development and secrets of success are choices for self growth and achievement. Many of us are held back from pursuing our dreams and goals due to a lack of motivation or procrastination.

Are Your Limiting Beliefs Choking Your Talents?

FEAR is the one emotion that will destroy a person. It limits you in every way. It manifests blocks in your path even when those blocks should not be there. Fear of success is the fear that you will not be able to handle your success as you will have no excuses any more not to be successful and you will have the additional pressure of “staying” successful.

Are You Ready to Let Go of the Past?

To recap what we have been talking about in this article series, we’re examining the things that form a secret foundation for the issues we deal with in our lives today. These are the things that trip us up and keep us stuck that we can’t see and can’t name. So far, we have identified unhealed memories and the limiting beliefs we form because of the way interpreted those events when they happened. In this article, we identify the third secret problem that holds us back.

Making a Good Impression

We have the capability to judge, form opinions, build relations and express emotions. Relations are the fabric of our social skills; and the crucial element helping us form relations is the impressions and opinions we form of the people we interact with.

In Dreams I Walk

Not sure of anyone else, but my happy self wants, needs, and loves to dream. There are million of folks, places, and things to dream of. It’s absolutely wonderful to find a nice peaceful spot, and allow our mind to romp through the pages of antiquity and on into future tales of unsuspecting adventures – for it is those misty clouds of possibilities where we mortal souls will devoid ourselves of all the negatives, transpose ourselves into anywhere we wish, and look forward to the experiences that linger where we have never been before.

Abortion – From a Soul Perspective

Some people have an abortion and move on with their lives. Other people have an abortion and it causes such a huge healing crisis, be it conscious or shoved into their unconscious. The only problem with that is it will express itself in a number of ways.

Lead Your Life – The Path to Healing

You have the right to lead a life that nourishes you, a life that is good for you and for the people around you. Improving our individual lives will in turn improve the world and so, the situation in which we, as the human race, find ourselves.

People Are Like Icebergs

If you’ve ever seen one while sailing in the ocean, perhaps in a cruise with your family or loved ones, or as a seaman going from one continent to another – I’m sure you’d agree with me that an iceberg is just a wonder to behold… especially your first encounter. Comparing that to us individuals and people in general, there are many ways that we resemble icebergs. We often view people based on their up-front talents, skills and abilities and their charming or dazzling personalities.

Will You Leave The Safe And Familiar Pond?

Today I returned home riding my bike. On my way, I passed a pond. I watched the birds in this pond often. There are many birds nesting and raising their children. Still, there is a problem with their pond (and it has to do with your mind mapping skills, or your lack of them)…

Looking & Seeing, Knowing & Understanding

Our mind plays very interesting tricks with us. Today I want to discuss with you things like unconscious expressions, looking but not seeing and mind maps. Just keep on reading. It may not seem to connect at first, but all will be well in the end.

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