If You’ve Ever Been GHOSTED by Anyone – Watch This!

13 Things to Remove From Your Life, To Be More Happy, Focused, and Engaged in the Moment

Sometimes in our lives we walk right past the clutter. When we stop seeing or using them they no longer serve us and really take away from our focus. Learn how to recognize your own clutter and learn why having clutter in your life does not serve you.

The Light We Run To

The light we run to… What is it? What is that magnificent light we hear about, and some have even seen in those near death experiences? Where and what are we running to?

5 Wonderful “Whys” To Cultivate Habits Of Excellence

Just as one may become a criminal by frequent association with crime, so the mind takes on the nature of the influences which dominate or fascinate it. This understanding motivates us to cultivate positive emotions assiduously.

PFT – Previous Failure Thinking

When we’re feeling stuck, we often dwell on past failures. But there’s no such thing as a failure. The universe is simply urging you into a new direction.

Trusting Yourself on Your Horse

Dressage tends to attract a certain personality type. This type of person usually has a perfectionist strategy going on, they like certainty, they like to be in control, they like to be able to rely on structure and a system. We like things to happen as we think they will happen. We don’t like surprises and we don’t like things happening that we couldn’t predict or control. We despise chaos and difference. We don’t like it when things happen that we can’t understand or when we feel like we don’t know the answers. This is because we want things to be ‘right’, ‘correct’ and in ‘order’ so we feel like we are doing a good job.

Reading Is A Critical Skill – Do You Read Enough?

Reading is an essential skill, for advancement in your career, to be successful in almost any role and to be able to communicate effectively both at work and in your home life. Are you reading enough?

Habits Create Who We Are!

Your life is a reflection of your habits. But building a good habit is harder than most people think. With these tips and tricks you’ll be on your way to re-creating your life in no time!

Mistakes Even Smart Couples Make

There are different kinds of intelligence. You and your partner may have been good at schoolwork; you may even have an advanced degree or two. That doesn’t mean your intelligence extends to relationships-emotional intelligence. Often being smart in relationships depends on the home you grew up in and how your parents handled their relationship. It’s not always a blueprint for success in your relationship.

Six Essentials to Being a Gentleman

A gentleman is a chivalrous, courteous, honorable man, according to the dictionary. You may think gentlemen are people from the past, but thoughtfulness never goes out of style. Basically, a gentleman is considerate of others, and that’s something to which anyone of any age should aspire. Here are the top six essentials of a gentleman:

What It Takes to Be a Lady

Sometimes it’s useful to look back at the generation before us and learn from them. When it comes to being a lady, our grandmothers knew what to do. It’s not about being pompous sticklers for using the fork with the proper amount of tines. It’s about being considerate and behaving in such as way as to put others around us at ease. Here are six tips:

Shifting Into Quantum Energy

Talk, talk, and more talk about quantum energy. It is everywhere. How do we make the shift into that energy? In the case of the ancient tribes that exist today as they did hundreds of years ago, they only had to be willing to travel outside their comfort zone or geographic area and they would be into our world. But what about the rest of us, how do we make the shift? We don’t have any memory of ever making a shift from one dimension to another at a higher vibration; although it is highly likely that many of us have done so in past lives. How do we accomplish this?

The Comfort Zone: Defeat Your Worst Enemy

If you are ‘normal’, you have a comfort zone, generally considered a mental rather than a physical space. A reserved person will find it uncomfortable to start a conversation with a stranger, or someone afraid of snakes might not want to go on an Australian bush walk in summer. There are countless behaviors that thwart success in life by imprisoning you in your comfort zone.

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