If You’re Seeing things in Meditation – Watch This!

What You Give Is What You’ll Receive

Make everyday in your life count by making count the life of another. Helping someone to feel alive maybe what you need to be alive.

Why Meditate? Starting Life Over At 30 And Utilizing Deep Breathing Exercises For Anxiety

If you were to ask me five years ago about my thoughts on meditation or deep breathing exercises for anxiety, I don’t know if I would even have an opinion to begin with. I didn’t even consider it as a viable means of treating anything, just chalking it up to a whole lot of mumbo jumbo. It wasn’t until I reach a point in my life I could no longer live the lie, not knowing who I am.

Do You Know How Beautiful You Are?

I work with many women day in and day out, and have plenty of conversations with women about image, style and how they feel about themselves. One thing seems to be a theme, over and over. Women love to talk about their flaws. You love to discuss how ‘big’ your thighs or your butt are; how your smile is crooked or your midsection has expanded beyond recognition.

Why You Need To Create Win-Win Situations In Life

Our actions have a direct influence on the outcomes for ourselves and for those around us. As such it is important to be always striving to create win-win situations. Our goal should always be to create a positive outcome for everyone involved.

Understand and Utilise Your Natural Rhythms

We operate best when we allow our bodies and minds time to recover after intense periods of effort. If we try to operate at high levels of intensity for prolonged periods of time without allowing time for rest, we become mental and emotional flat liners. Our minds and bodies simply break down and we stop functioning optimally.

A Life Without Edges – What Does It Mean?

Like most stories, mine developed over a period of time, twenty-five years in fact. It took several traumas for me to develop the numerous masks behind which I retreated into my own fantasy world. This is the reason I say that my life was without edges in that I had nothing definite to hold onto or measure myself against.

How to Create a Whole Learning Experience

Many learning environments are created around the head and not the whole person. Research has proved that thinking and bodily movements are closely connected in the brain, both enhance learning.

What Is Beauty?

I was recently asked by a friend of mine, Ramona Rice of DeStress Express to share my thoughts about beauty. What a great contemplation! In this day and age with so much focus on external beauty, I have loved thinking about what I find beautiful and when I’ve seen beauty.

How to Increase Your Energy Levels – Physical

Last week’s article talked about functioning at your best and we identified the four categories that we need to spend some time on to be overall well balanced and support our energy levels.Our aim is to manage our energy so that we can manage our time better, be more productive, focused and reduce our stress. The quality of our energy is a reflection of our physical capacity.

How to Prevent Your Own Self Sabotage

To be successful isn’t down to one thing, it’s made up of many things but fundamentally about displaying the right attitude, self belief and determination. It’s about staring fear in the face and pushing yourself through the challenges and pain. It’s about being able to take rejection and look past people’s opinions even if you feel obliged to listen to them.

Life Lessons in Acupuncture

This article is written from the perspective of a student learning acupuncture and how we can best make use of this therapy and other healing tools at our fingertips. There are no limits to the ways in which we can heal ourselves!

Life Purpose Basics: What’s the Point?

Tired of feeling like your just going through the motions in life? Looking for the true meaning in YOUR life? “Life Purpose Basics” demystifies the process of finding your life purpose and helps you find more joy, energy and peace right now.

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