If You’re a Perfectionist – Watch This!

Dead Man Walking

Abuse can leave you numb to the world. If you are lucky, something stirs you awake. If not, you die that way. Five small fingers turned my world upside down and now it is something like wonderful.

Could My Friend Be My Worst Enemy?

Friends are things and people that we hold onto, use to define and sustain us. We feel lost without our friends. We are unable to move up or down without our trusted friends around us. This essay is for those of us, who believe and practice this. We have a problem.

Find Your Life’s Purpose: Simplified

Finding your life’s purpose may not be as far off as you think. Learn how to find your true purpose and live the life of your dreams, simply, via these inspiring twin motivational speakers and mentors.

Living In the Now Whilst Visualizing Your Future

I was asked the other day by a client how she visualized her future but remained in the now. Wasn’t, she asked, that somewhat contradictory? Well when you first look at her question, yes it does seem somewhat contradictory to be visualizing your future but needing to remain in the now.

Are You Being Present? The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Where in your life are you moving faster than fast, where you know if you slow down things will be fabulous? How would your day look if you didn’t run on full throttle all the time? How would it look if you took your foot off the gas completely? Where can you be more present for yourself, for others and for the world?

The Most Helpful Mindset to Have in Personal and Professional Development – Part II

HUMAN POTENTIAL – TOOLS FOR PEAK PERFORMANCE STRENGTH of YOUR WORDS. Although strength covers different attributes in human behavior the strength I am talking about is in the words you use to describe yourself, others, your reality as well as living up to your word. Having a clear focus to “speak” with strength so actions of strength can follow builds a freedom within you building upon an unshakable trust and faith which enables you to be all you can be.

How to Find Healthy Ways to Express Yourself

How do you tell others what you want to tell them? How do you handle a heated argument? Read more below.

Psychologically, How Much Can A Person Tolerate?

  At university I had a lecturer who taught abnormal psychology. We were sitting in the lecture theatre waiting for him to start talking. Without a word he picked up a piece of chalk, strode to the green board and wrote the word therapist in large letters.

Taking Action Now Eliminates Procrastination

Isn’t it interesting that the primary reason people give for procrastination is to avoid taking action, while, in fact procrastinating, in and of itself, is indeed an action. The reality is that no one who procrastinates does so because they are either self- confident or well prepared, but rather the vast majority of the time, those who procrastinate do so because they are insecure, weak of character, and afraid of their own shadow, and will do anything to avoid and absolve themselves of personal responsibility.

Everybody Has The Time

One of the most overused excuses people use is that they didn’t have the time. These people never tell you that it wasn’t a priority, or they forgot, or it didn’t mean much to them, or they just never got around to it. For some reason, they feel they never need to admit an oversight, inaction, or personal failing because they can explain it away by saying they didn’t have the time.

Taking Inventory

There comes a time in our life when like corporations we must take inventory. When we do that we will begin to identify what we really have and what we really need. This is an excerpt from the book The Latter Glory: A season of purpose, passion and possibilities available in ebook form from Amazon

A Beautiful Life

Are you one who is looking for a beautiful life? Turn into the ocean of loving energy that is all around and discover your beautiful life.

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