If Your Doubts & FEARS are BLOCKING Your Manifestation – Just Do This! [Law of Attraction]

The Art of Letting Go

Letting go of the past is the only way to move forward unburdened. However, the act of letting go can be one of the hardest things to master.

How Loneliness Changed Me for the Better

Loneliness can be a hard, even seemingly impossible, mountain to climb. I have realized, though, that my times of loneliness have actually made me into a better version of myself.

Why We Take Things Personally

One of the biggest issues that many people struggle with is taking other people’s behavior personally. Why do we do this? Lila asked: “I would like to hear you speak about the potential reasons one would take other people’s behavior personally and react as if another person’s behavior is all their own fault.

The Journey of A Thousand Hopes

How many hopes have motivated you to a better situation or place in life? One, a hundred… probably a thousand is shy of the truth. Hope is the inspiration that fuels faith; when we can’t say a word, when we believe we can’t change a thing, we hope. We hope for a door to open, a path to appear or way to be made when there is no way. So long as we dare to hope, we must embrace faith, “believing in that which cannot be seen.”

Say No to Reinvention – Say Yes to Change

I’m a huge believer in growing and changing, especially in that magical third phase of life after fifty, second adulthood. But I’m dropping reinvention from my vocabulary. Instead, let’s reimagine and create something wonderful.

Best Ever Year, 2016

There is so much to learn from children, if only we could listen. Of course, one needs to be clear: there is a world of difference between being child-like and childish. We need to avoid the latter and embrace the former. One way I have come to appreciate this is through my own son when he was young. I vividly remember when he was about six years old and I was encouraging him to do the homework his Primary school had set him to do (yes, unbelievable, I know – what are these people on?) and he turned to me, disarmingly, and said: “Daddy, children were meant to play”. As soon as he said it – like a blow to my heart – I knew he was right. What was I thinking? That at six years old he should spend all day at school and then come home in the evening and start toiling over a load of nonsense that had no bearing on his life whatsoever? “Carry on playing, Joe,” I said, and quietly crept away, ashamed I had disturbed him.

Why We Just Keep On Bleeding

There’s blood on the floor; did you notice it was yours? As you negotiated your way through distant parents, difficult siblings, disgruntled co-workers, disloyal friends or disintegrating relationships were you even aware that damage was being inflicted on the deepest parts of you? Had you been aware of the movement of energy you would have noticed that every time you negotiated with someone who didn’t really care and settled for less, you accepted a plea bargain and the sentence that accompanied it. The energy of your life-blood was slowly seeping away, disintegrating into nothingness.

Get Over Yourself, You Are Programmed a Certain Way and You Need to Get Over Yourself

We are programmed from birth. If you want to change then you need to get over yourself.

Getting Over Phone Fear! Getting Over Phone Fear Can Be a Great Weight Loss Program

So many of us will not be successful because we will not get over the fear of talking on the phone. Here’s how I got over my phone fear.

How Do I Recognise My Intuition Talking To Me?

it’s not always easy to hear you intuition, let alone trust and believe in it. So how do you know your intuition is talking to you? What sort of thing should you be aware of if you want to live more intuitively?

Get Over Yourself, Think Like an Ant and Get Over Yourself

Want a successful business? Jim Rohn says, be like and ant and you will be successful.

Can There Be Benefits in Suffering?

“The soul would have no rainbow had the eyes no tears”.–John Vance Cheney. Suffer: to experience something unpleasant. All humans suffer when they don’t get what they need to survive and often when they don’t get what they want. Most everyone believes suffering is bad and it is, but through suffering, there are those who believe there are benefits.

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