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Ways to Practice Kata

Kata, the formal exercises of karate, are central to this art. Kata are patterns of movement that are passed down through the centuries and are practiced by all students of the martial arts, particularly karate. These forms contain all of the punches, kicks, strikes, and all other moves that make up the art of karate.

Life Is In the Flow

Bookstores for me are a world of knowledge and an exciting place to be. That is if you are a book lover.

Hope – An Inquisitive Look Within

Have you ever stopped to think about the word hope and its impact on your life? ‘Hope’, what does it mean to have it, when do you lose it, and how does it come back to you? On a personal and professional level, I set out on a journey to answer these questions.

What Do You Want To Do With Your Life?

I see dead people every day in my life. They are dead and they still walk among us. I am not joking and really mean it.

The Fear Of Something There Never Was

Very often people spend time worrying about the potential outcome of certain events that eventually don’t happen. It is just the human mind that keeps replaying all the disastrous consequences like a broken record. In hindsight when we look at the outcomes, in 9 times out of 10, what we feared most never happened.

Healthy Aging – Eight Ways to Keep Your Mind Sharp As You Age

Keeping your mind sharp as you age is an important prerequisite for leading a productive life. This article presents eight simple steps for maintaining an active and sharp mind.

Making My Own Decisions

Do you have difficulty making your own decisions? Do you allow others to tell you what to do because you feel relieved that you finally don’t have to make those decisions yourself? Do you feel uneasy when you have to make decisions of your own because you don’t really know what you genuinely want?

Midlife Career Change: Follow Your Heart

A midlife career change can be very good for you. It can breathe fresh air into what you may consider a stale life and give you the boost you are looking for. Many mid lifers feel that a midlife crisis or rather a midlife transition is a turning point in their lives. Often their children have grown up and left home. They want something new to challenge them and unfortunately, these challenges aren’t always for the good.

Self-Centered and Demanding – When It’s All About Me

Do you or someone you know need to be in control and always have your way? Find out why being overly demanding can harm relationships and how to be more selfless.

Nobody Knows But Me

Throughout my life, I have repeatedly witnessed people telling one another what is ‘so’ for them, passing judgment, asserting opinions, etc. I’ve even had it happen to me and quite frankly, it still does. Because human beings learn through experience, it didn’t take long for me to act this way with the people around me.

A New Consciousness Ending the Conspiracy of Ineffectiveness Part II

Questioner: Edward, why are you calling our way of living a conspiracy to be ineffective? Edward: Well, as I said earlier, to conspire means to breathe together. The conspiracy is so deeply ingrained in us that we are actually breathing it together.

Organize Your Life And Be In Charge Of Your Destiny

Being organized is about more than closets. It’s about being organized in your life. Having a life plan and following it takes organization. And your life is worth taking a step back and making a plan. Otherwise you will probably get lost.

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