If You Would Like the Opportunity to GET PAID being a LIGHT WORKER – WATCH THIS NOW! (PART 2)

Are You Just Your Conditioning?

I used to believe that because of my past, I couldn’t change my future. A part of me thought that I was doomed for sadness, depression, poverty, abusive relationships and continual hardship. Until one day, I made a decision that changed my life.

Ask for What You Desire

Successful people make empowering choices. Knowing what you want, and clearly asking for that, desiring it, and intending it, is the way to manifest it. Only those who choose wise and strong intentions create a life worth living. Intentions are like guided missiles, leading you to the target of what you desire.

Journal Your Acts of Kindness and Transform Your Life

50 Women Project is about transforming people, one person at a time. The goal is to help one person, just one person at a time. After helping one, you help another over the course of a year, you help 50. Helping others can be both with big actions and big deeds or small ones. While it is about transforming lives of others, writing down your stories can help you recall the joy it feels to help others.

Creating Communication Excellence Through Our Sense of Community

We live in an age of instant communication yet are we really communicating? Our children are text messaging in a cryptic language, business people send each other emails even when they sit almost next to each other in the office and our news casters and politicians shout each other down and name call like a bunch of bullies. Where is the real give and take of authentic communications? I am not seeing or hearing it very much these days. Are we missing out? Are our children missing out? What will the future bring in terms of communication excellence?

Rapport Part 1 – Building Rapport, What, How and Why?

It is an integral part of forming any relationship, be that business or personal, short or long term. It enables you to feel relaxed and communicate easily with others, by being flexible in both your behaviour and attitude. It also allows the discussion of difficult topics, without feeling uncomfortable or uneasy.

Assertiveness And Aggressiveness – What’s The Difference

Have you ever wonder what really makes the difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness? There is such a huge difference in the two and we really need to realize the point when our assertive behavior turns into aggression. The is a challenge that will all are presented with in life, acknowledging the difference between the two is a good place to start.

A New Consciousness Ends the Conspiracy of Ineffectiveness – Part 1

Conspiracy of ineffectiveness. What are some examples of our ineffectiveness? What is it that we’re ineffective at?

Jim Rohn And The Ant Philosophy

This is a great little story originally told by Jim Rohn, about the whatever it takes approach by ants. Do you have the same approach to building your business?

Seven Tips for Greater Integrity and a More Fulfilling Life

Integrity has its roots in the Latin word integer which means whole or complete. People with integrity tend to be whole and in harmony with themselves and nature.

Be Yourself, Everybody Else Is Already Taken – (How to Get What You Want)

The formula for getting what you want is easy. First, you want to identify what is the thing that if accomplished would bring you the most fulfillment in life. Second, you want to eliminate the single biggest thing that stands in its way. This isn’t as easy. The challenge of eliminating your greatest oppositions has been at the root of self-help books and therapists’ work for centuries.

Does Your Appearance Make a Difference?

I was raised believing “smile, keep your up high and always put you best face on”. We are flooded with products to lose weight look younger and the new age of plastic surgery. It is constantly trying to improve what we think we are not, The other side is not caring, eating what you want and believing substance is the only thing that is important.

Seize the Day – Take the Plunge

Living is not about achieving a result ~ that’s far too narrow. It’s about the complete picture. Living not only opens our hearts, it causes a ripple effect in our world! Taking the plunge is being open to everything; it’s a form of holisitic living because it feeds us mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually!

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