If You Want to Change Your Life – Watch This!

Are You Committed to Growing or Staying the Way You Are?

You can never expect to expand your world and reach new levels of success, meaning and fulfilment; unless you are pushing yourself to consistently do something new. Dare to break out of your self-imposed comfort zone and keep expanding your horizons.

Perfectionists: Listen Up!

As you probably know, being a perfectionist is a more perplexing matter than simply striving for the best. The way you deal with tasks is neither ideal nor pragmatic. For despite investing considerable time and effort in whatever you do, you’re frequently upset with yourself and your work. This is no way to live. You deserve better. It’s time to create a future for yourself that doesn’t drive you crazy and doesn’t hold you back from being all you can be. Here are three ways to do so…

The Best in Everyone – A Plan for Self Development

The best in everyone. That’s a school motto at a school near where I live. Very laudable. But are you the best that you can be?

Serial Dreams: Discovering Cycles and Patterns Through Our Dreams

Many dreamworkers believe that the only way to work with dreams is by examining the dreamer’s dream history. Jung stressed the importance of considering a dream’s position within a series. Was the dream the first, fourth or final dream in the specific series? By considering the position, you can understand the progress you’re making, or not making, in the area the dream content is emphasizing, or with the issue the dream is bringing to your awareness.

How Great Conversation Can Lead to Satisfying Relationships

Satisfying relationships are good for your mental health. Take the occasion or even seek out the opportunity to have a great conversation. And, then take these steps to let it lead to the type of relationship that you desire.

Find a Way to Be Useful

Anyone can exercise initiative to see something that can and should be done, and do it. We need not do only what we are told to do, or the minimum possible.

Yoga – The Life Breath Of Generations

Yoga goes back thousands and thousands of years. It is an ancient and time tested approach to physical health, mental well-being and spiritual regeneration.

Goal Setting Does Not Work! Or Does It?

One of the saddest and most discouraging moments is when one looks at the dreams one had articulated on paper and discovers they have not achieved them. Brian Tracy says there is not such thing as an unrealistic goal just an unrealistic deadlines because if the goal was not achieved simply set a new deadline.

You Are Who You Hang Around

Last weekend my life-long best friend flew out to spend the weekend with me. We stayed at a great resort in Scottsdale, enjoyed the spa, went shopping, hiking, and did a lot of eating.

Have You Discovered What You Value Most in Your Life?

The easiest way to check what you value most is to look at two things, namely your diary and your spending patterns. How you choose to invest your time and money are clear indicators of what you truly value most.

Make Your Calendar Your New Best Friend

If you want to increase your performance and productivity, you’ll have to learn to use your calendar as a time management tool. You have more control over your time than you give yourself credit for. One of the easiest ways to control your time is by controlling your calendar.

Small Errors in Judgement Add Up to Disaster

Small errors in judgment and poor philosophy, which are repeated every day over a long period of time, seem so small and unimportant. The rot slowly sets in and as such the gradual daily decline, goes virtually unnoticed, that is, until it is too late to do anything about it. Be aware of the small errors in daily discipline, which you are committing every day and how these bad choices are accumulating and affecting your future outcomes.

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