If You Lose Passion in Life – Watch This!

Use Your Biological Hardwiring To Make the Most of Your Holiday Season

I don’t know about you, but shopping is not on my list of enjoyable past times. I think I’m one of only a few women on this planet who actually does not like to shop. When I do shop, I go in, get what I need, and get out. Apparently, when it comes to shopping during the holidays, it’s stressful for a lot of people!

Active Listening – Our Most Important Communication Skill, Really?

Listening accounts for 50 percent of communications, making it one of the most important skills you can have. How well you listen has a major impact on the quality of your relationships with others as well as your effectiveness in performing any task at hand. So why do we pay so little attention to our active listening skills? What can you change today to be hear more of the messages surrounding you?

Have You Found Your Purpose Yet?

So you want to be successful right… but what is success? Success is achieving whatever purpose you’ve set for yourself in life, there’s a unique definition for all of us. So what’s yours?

Define Your Life to Design Your Life – Part 2

In Define your life to design your life Part 1 we went through a couple of exercises to help you to define who you are right now. This will become more clear as we move through the Design your life part of this Part 2 article.

How To Choose The Right Therapist For You And Your Family: A New Form Of Single Session Counseling

As a result of new health insurance laws, higher premiums, larger deductibles and escalating copayments, people need efficient short term approaches to counseling and psychotherapy. With busy schedules, people need efficient forms of counseling that can help them solve a wide range of life’s problems efficiently.

How Does a Perfect-Fitting Bra Increase a Woman’s Confidence?

Whatever her bust size, a perfect-fitting bra can boost a woman’s confidence in various ways as well as make her feel great mentally and physically. Feeling uncomfortable in your clothing may make you feel less confident about your appearance when you’re at work, on a date, or anywhere in public.

Change Your Perception

Perception is necessary for progression. When you have the wrong perception about life generally then you are bound to keep making mistakes. Mistake is not bad in itself especially when you learn the needed lessons and forge a course to move ahead but it becomes a problem when you do not deal with the source of the problem and as a result your life becomes a whole mess. Our mindset is a very important part of this process. If your mind is not set right, you will never develop the right attitude towards success.

5 Myths About Highly Sensitive People

Highly Sensitive People are often misunderstood. Here are 5 common myths that will help you to understand and interact with them more effectively.

Feeling of Revenge: Main Obstacle to Happiness and Achievement of Goals

Revenge is best described as the action of causing hurt on an individual suffered at his/her hands; in other words, a retaliatory action. The disadvantages of revenge can vary according to the type, extent of hatred towards the opponent. Revenge is best characterized by William Shakespeare in the play “Othello” where Iago swears and takes his revenge on Othello.

Heal Your Misaligned Parts by Using the Outer Mirror of Reactivity

You already know that to make a significant difference in the world, collaborating with others will allow you to accomplish much more than you can on your own. And have you also noticed that working closely with others on projects you are passionate about sometimes brings up conflict and reactivity, no matter how sincere you are about your purpose? The key to maintaining harmony within collaborative ventures is to recognize that any time you feel reactive around another, it’s a perfect mirror for a misaligned part of yourself. When you can disengage from the pressing desire to make the other person wrong, you can discover what part of yourself you don’t want to see.

What Is Your Destination?

We all carve a path in this great world. One person’s destination is not the same as another. Peace and prosperity to you along your journey.

Uncovering Your Inner Self in Alone Time

In our world of busyness, stress, and constant obligations, it becomes a challenge to find the space to hear your inner self and the knowledge it can share. This week, I’m sharing some of my insights from my journey to quiet time.

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