If You Feel Lost or Confused on What to Do – Watch This

Finding Time for God: Tips for Busy Parents

Taking on the role of being a successful parent means making a lot of sacrifices and changes in your life. Your fancy cars will be traded in for mini-vans or family utility vehicles. Your social lives will go from dinners and cocktails with girlfriends to PTA meetings and soccer games.

Having Dominion Over All Circumstances of Life

You have your world or domain over which you have the right to exercise control and influence. According to God’s arrangement, no other man under the sun can come to your domain to exercise control. You are the only one given the privilege of exercising full control over your world; your mum or dad cannot do it for you; your pastor or prophet cannot; you have to do it yourself or else, failure is the result.

The Power To Subdue The Earth

“And God said…subdue it…” Gen. 1: 28 God commanded man to subdue the earth. This implies that it is God’s will and joy for you to subdue the earth and every circumstance that may come along your way. Now, the definition of subdue is to conquer and to control the action of something or situation.

Selfishness Stops The Flow Of Blessings To You And Others

Selfishness keeps you from experiencing the abundant life God has for you. Are you aware that selfishness blocks you from giving and receiving?

Easy Steps to Get Your Life Back on Track

For most busy people, it’s one thing after another that needs to get done every single day. From the moment the alarm clock sounds off to begin the day until the evening when it’s time to go bed, a busy person schedule is always full of things to do around the house, form kids, for work, and other responsibilities and things needed to make time for. Things can get hectic, routine, and stressful and, usually, busy people will look for ways to spice things up or change them a bit.

Who Are You? – 6 Questions You Should Ask Yourself to Prepare for Self Development

Who are You? What really makes you tick? These questions has been asked so many times, and here you will find ways to uncover those answers.

The Power to Get Anything You Want Lies Within You

Wasn’t Cinderella lucky, she had her own fairy Godmother come along and with a flick of her magic wand -wham! she had everything she wanted. Sadly all too many of us are suffering from the Cinderella syndrome these days – we seem to be waiting for someone to come along and fix everything in our lives for us. We expect life to hand us the opportunities, the wealth, the happiness. But I am here to tell that you don’t need a fairy Godmother, you just need you! If only you would tap into the power within yourself, into your own magic wand, then who needs fairy tales – we can design our own lives! We can make our own magic and sprinkle success, health, and everything else we desire into our world. You don’t need anyone else so you can stop waiting, you just need you. Only you can decide to do what it takes to get what you want. The question is – will you take responsibility and do it? You have the power, why not use it?

Employability Coaching

Do you ever wonder what it takes to be employable and not just employed? Do you have a dream career but aren’t sure of how or when you can begin reaching out to achieve a better job?

What Character Is Not

Character is not an inheritance. Character cannot be given to you by anyone. Character is not what we think about ourselves. Character is not what others think of us. So what is it?

The Power, Potential and Intensity of My Emotional Energy

All Energy has a Power, a Potential & an Intensity. The Power of my emotional energy is relative to my ability to choose with authority. The Potential of an emotion is relative to the magnitude of its power and the force of its authority. The Intensity of an emotion is relative to its gender and the polarity of its sponsoring thought.

Tell the Truth, in Love

Overcoming Stuff to Live an Abundant Life Series – When I was young I was quite a pistol, I mean I was incredibly honest. This was before I learned that you shouldn’t say everything you thought, because you might hurt someone’s feelings.

Be, Do, Have – The Number 1 Secret To Success That Nobody Will Ever Tell You

There is a fundamental mistake that most people make when they plan out their life. All the self help gurus tell you that you must set goals and create milestones. While this is an important step what they have missed from the equation is the reason for most entrepreneurial failures because they all talk about what you must do to succeed. Not who you must be.

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