If You Ever Think That Life is Not Fair Know that The Universe is Trying to Guide You [MUST WATCH!]

What Could You Create If You Could Give Up the Need to Know?

In a world of constant change and uncertainty why is that so many of us are continually looking for certainty? What is it that you like to know? What knowing makes you feel secure?

Irrational Feelings: Do You Have Irrational Feelings?

Just because one feels a certain way, it doesn’t mean these feelings reflect what is currently taking place in their life. One can then come to the conclusion that their feelings are irrational.

Using Reiki to Gain Self Knowledge and Insight

How can I use Reiki for deeper insight into myself? How does Reiki help me to manifest a better life?

The Power to Change Your Past

You cannot do the work of starting life over, and be busy reliving your past at the same time. Being new is a deliberate choice, an act of alignment that places you in conscious contact with a living presence that’s incapable of repeating itself.

Coping With the Holiday Blues

Christmas is a time that is all about family. The picture presented of the holidays is that we have a perfect loving family. This brings out all kinds of feelings, some of them related to loss over imperfect family relationships. The holidays are especially difficult if you feel alone. Depression is a response to feeling hopeless. Here are six things you can do to help you cope with feelings of depression over the holidays.

Step 1 Towards a Better Life: Being Genuinely Interested

We all have things that we want out of life. For some it’s wealth. For others it’s to travel the world. But with anything you want to achieve, there are a few things we all should consider to help us along the way. Here’s Step 1 Towards a Better Life: Being Genuinely Interested.

How To Improve – Every Day

“What would happen if we acted as if every day could lead to only one of two results? – Progression or Regression.” Think about it; how conscious of our behavior would we be if we acted as if we were in a continual process of progressing or regressing our professional competencies, intellect, communication skills, social behaviors, and personal development? Well… we are! For better or worse, we’re simply not the same when we go to bed at night. This is such a simple but empowering principle to live by, and it has personally changed my life.

Maximize Your Most Powerful Asset

There is something we all have that is so powerful. It is so important, and it is the one thing that determines whether you succeed or fail. It is the one thing that either propels you or limits you. It has so much power, but so many people use this power in the wrong way. It’s time for you to maximize your most powerful asset: your MIND!

3 Tips for a Delicious December

With family that lives just a few hours away in SC, we spent a bit of time in the car on Thanksgiving weekend. I’m continually surprised how we can be moving along nicely, humming along at 70 ish mph and then, nothing but brake lights.

The Way Forward Through Forgiveness

The primary reason for taking responsibility for our part in the fault is to be honest before God. The secondary reason is to give the relationship, itself, the chance it needs (don’t forget, this is a test of their integrity before the Lord, too). The tertiary reason is for our own peace of mind.

To Live, Forgive

We can forgive. And because we can, we should.

A New Level of Transformation: Higher Love, Yeshua and The Softening

I am noticing something remarkable yet subtle that is occurring with me and all of my long time clients. At first I struggled to find a way to verbalize it until one day in a session as I listened to a client describe a new sense of calm and non-reaction in the face of many challenges, I coined this phrase to describe the deep transformational process is occurring as “The Softening”. Sometimes our most profound shifts are the subtle ones.

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