If You Don’t Know What You Want – Watch This!

Healing With Feng Shui

There is a rhythm to life, a time for birth, a time for growth, a time for decline and a time for death. A part of the process of healing is to be one with nature. Cycles are important: moon cycles are often used for planting, cutting hair, beginning new projects. Similarly, the cycles of the sun, of day or of night, being more active during the daylight hours when the energy is more yang, and winding down in the evening when the energy is more yin. There are also the seasonal cycles; solstices, equinoxes, and the times in between.

3 Tips, How to Be More Patient

Patience Is developed, and taught through perseverance. If you fail to develop patience even after you have been put into many situations to develop it then, maybe you need to take stock and realise that you are only making yourself miserable.

Virtue of Consistency

Consistency is a virtue. You may not be the number one student at school, but you will certainly get plus points for being steady and constant. Constancy or consistency creates order and discipline in your life that enables you to be stable and strong, firm and certain. But what is the key to this ‘constant’ success? People who are non-committal, indecisive or vague and almost always let you down at the very last minute are not very popular! No one wants such friends in their circle. And they will very quickly find that invitations to parties and picnics will soon discontinue if they continue their sloppy ways.

Look At Me!

I live in Brooklyn. I spend much of my days walking around the greatest city in the world as do most New Yorkers. For all of the incredible aspects of this city, there is one aspect that plagues me as I’m sure it does many others. Day in and out NYC vibrates with a compulsive energy. There is someone from every corner of the globe in this city and all of us are compounded into a very small space. I believe there are over 9 million people that make up New York City, all with dreams of coming to the big city to make something of themselves. Everyone, everyday bustles about bumping into each other on the crowded streets, but even when physical contact is made, some don’t even have the nerve to look the other in the face. No “sorry”, no “excuse me”, not even a “watch it buddy” anymore. It’s almost as if nobody notices anymore that this life is a shared experience…I ask you this, what is so scary about looking a stranger in the eyes? Are you afraid of what you might see in them or what you may see in yourself?

Thoughts From The Box – “It’s Reaping Time!”

Over the last couple months I have been meditating on the Parable of the Sower found in Mark 4. In the past, I have heard some deep theology surrounding this parable. However, when I meditated on this particular passage most recently, something jumped out at me. What must a farmer do every year to reap what he has been planning for and preparing to harvest?

Have You Cleaned Up Your Messes?

We all have them – the chores we hate. For some, it will be taking out the garbage, for others, sorting through the junk drawer, or my personal favorite, cleaning the bathroom. A Zen master once said: “How you do anything is how you do everything.” I experienced this philosophy first-hand today as I was cleaning my bathroom.

Effective Studying Techniques – 5 Ways to Become a Better Student

This article outlines fives different tips that will help a student achieve academic success. These tips are by no means a bible, but they are useful and effective if employed properly.

How To Over Come Being Overwhelmed By Circumstances Beyond Your Control

Are you jobless? These days many people without jobs may be feeling overwhelmed by the problems created by their current jobless situation. They may have had a very good job, and a steady, more than adequate paycheck coming in for a long time. But now, without work, well…

The Best Teacher One Could Ask For Is Life Experience Itself

Life experience is a far better teacher than mere academic instruction. Ask anyone who’s tried to learn a foreign language from books rather than by immersion among native speakers and they’ll tell you nothing replaces hands-on experience when it comes to learning.

Moving Away From Depression

While it is true that deep down within us happiness does reside. If you bury that happiness with something, say depression, it’s not going to come out anytime soon. No matter how hard you try and push it out. Push hard enough and it may come out. That happiness will not last. You will return back to the state you were in before you pushed it. To bring happiness out you need to resolve the depression. There is something that is causing the depression within you. This cause is sometimes internal factors. Other times the cause of depression is external factors. Examples of these causes can be your job or your relationships with family and significant others. Those external factors are hard to control as they are not always dependent on you. A person losing their job may have nothing to do with it and was the result of a company downsizing. These events and experiences can create depression.

The Experience Of A Doctor’s Life

I experienced a doctor’s life for many years, in spite of the heavy work load the frustration and the exhaustion which went along with it, I am grateful for certain aspects of the life of doctors. I know now that it was truly a privilege to be able to communicate with people from all sorts of backgrounds, education, and in various emotional and physical states. It is special whereby as a doctor you are trusted with information not shared with anyone else.

Face Your Public Speaking Fear, Enroll in Public Speaking Courses

Public speaking and excellent presentation skills give any individual the leverage at work or at school. Numerous people have a problem with speaking in public, but this can be remedied with the right public speaking courses from a reliable company.

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