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Want to Be Fearless? Find Your Inner Super-Kid

Think back to your childhood. Did you hear a lot of “get down off of there”? Did you come home with a lot of skinned knees? Whatever you did, though, it was probably fun. You probably tried all sorts of new things, and it never occurred to you to be afraid.

Choices Change Our Lives

There are no inconsequential choices. The consequences of our choices stay with us our whole lives. It is so important to try to make good choices in every case.

Why You Need to Hear Me Brag About My Kid’s Soccer Game (And How It Will Change Your Life – Really!)

With two kids on a league this season, I feel like I’m officially a soccer mom, and I always look forward to the games. Some parents seem stressed out by them, but I’ve never been the kind of mom who pushes her kids to win. (No judgment; just not my personality!) I just love watching them so focused and energized, even if they do let the ball roll right past them sometimes! This weekend’s games were no different, but perhaps I was in a more receptive state of mind. At any rate, I came away with more than just the usual sense of pride and excitement; I also learned a few lessons I’d like to share with you.

Parents Involvement In Your Life – How Much Is Too Much?

Are you able to make big life decisions with your parents’ blessing? If not, maybe it’s time to critically analyze what you’re doing. After all, this is your life and you have complete rights to customize it your way. Love your parents but be your own individual – this will benefit everyone involved. Stop by my article if this sounds like something you need to work on!

You Have a Distinctive Way of Feeling

In this article, Dr.Ron Ros points out that each of us places a different emotional value on every word spoken, every deed performed, and every event observed.

What If You Were a Caveman Right Now

If you were this primitive man right now, you would probably find a way to have sharper and strong hunting tools; better hunting techniques, a new recipe for the meat of a saber tooth tiger, a larger cave and a better woman. Or a herbal shampoo. Whatever they are, they are improvements of sorts, to make your life easier, more abundant, and more prestigious than the guy in the next cave.

Consistency Is The Key – To Staying The Course To Change

Steps to becoming consistent to create positive productive change in your life. Change is the only constant in life and we can choose to change for the better. Everyone needs to improve in some area of their life but it begins with developing consistency.

Are You Doing Self-Improvement on Your Whole Being?

Numerous individuals only do self-improvement on one specific area of their being as in mental, physical, spiritual, or emotional aspects of their mind and body. This is not that effective, because of our holistic nature, which means that human beings need to work on all aspects of their beings instead of just one part or another to be a complete whole person.

How Can We Learn To Trust And Let Go?

I think the problem is the ego wanting to be individual. It goes back to when we are children, the ‘terrible two’s’ when a child starts to say no to everything. That is a point in our life that we develop the idea that we are separate individuals and want acknowledgment as an individual, separate from everyone else.

How to Use Your Will Power to Get What You Want

When you begin to talk about using your will power to get what you want, most people assume you are talking about using your mind to exert power and control over other people, however, this could not be further from the truth! The importance of the “will” cannot be emphasised enough here, but if you consider that Wallace. D. Wattles, in his classic self-improvement book “The Science of Getting Rich” devoted not one, but TWO whole chapters on the subject of “will power” you will begin to understand how important having a strong will can be,

So What About Forgiveness?

So what do we do when we have been wronged? Do we take on the victim’s mode or do take responsibility for our part in the mess?

How Do You Define Success

Everybody wants to be happy and successful or successful and be happy. But unless we can define happiness and success is precise terms, we shall always have that gut feel that something is missing somewhere.

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