If You Are Single on Valentines Day – WATCH THIS!

Big Mind Evaluation – Integrating Ancient Zen and Modern Psychology Achieving Balanced Equanimity

Our mental thought processes can be thought of like a big company… A company of employees doing their very important line of ‘work’… But each employee thinks, they are the boss and that their job is the most important of all. Learn about ‘standard’ mental processes we all have, plus learn to be aware of our own custom ‘voices of issues’ we all struggle with in our journey through life. Putting a voice to our many mental processes is like psychoanalyzing ourselves, allowing us to be aware of our egos and emotional outcries but not allowing them to dominate our mental thought processes. Stand back to gain the bigger picture.

Will You Maintain Your INTEGRITY When Things Go Wrong?

While there is no such thing as integrity, until, and unless, it is absolute, we often tend to fool ourselves, by falsely mistaking adherence to this behavior, with merely taking advantage of so-called, easy times, or somewhat stress-free behaviors. In fact, we only truly see, and recognize, absolute INTEGRITY, when things go, in ways, which are somewhat less than ideal, and there is a need to make difficult decisions, with ramifications. Ask yourself if you will continuously do the right thing, whether others are watching, or even if there is no one paying attention or observing…

A Life Steering Act

“It matters not how strait the gate, how charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.” William Ernest Henley. What would it be like if we were to imagine ourselves steering our way through life, setting goals as if we were a captain at the helm of a ship? We could control and navigate the ship across ocean or sea waters skilled at facing from mild and calm, severe and harsh to wet and cold weather.

How a Baby Changes People – Part 3

The wise men were changed from wanderers to worshippers. For the record, the wise men did not come to the manger, as is usually depicted in Christmas pageants, but the Bible does say that some time after the birth, they came to the home of Jesus. Their visit is a part of the birth of Jesus, so it is properly told and re-told during the Christmas season.

Why We Get Stuck!

Getting stuck in our attempts at personal change is a common experience. One of the main reasons that cause us to get stuck is the misguided beliefs that we hold about ourselves.

Overcoming Personal OBSTACLES

Don’t be one of those people who focuses all his time, effort and/ or attention, to avoid conflicts, issues or obstacles! Since these always present themselves, the most personally successful, content and satisfied individuals, are those who, rather than hiding their heads in the sand, proactively move forward, in a clearcut direction, in order to overcome OBSTACLES, and transform those lemons, which often become burdensome (unless addressed), to lemonade. Since most people are at their most hopeful, and/ or optimistic, at the start of the year, doesn’t it make sense to begin, in a way, where you are ready, willing…

What’s Your GOAL For The New Year?: Is A PLAN To Get There Ready?

Every New Year’s Eve, many of us look positively forward towards a better, more successful, and personally self – fulfilling year to come. However, as in most endeavors, a dream, regardless of how important or impressive, rarely moves us forward, until, and unless, we create a plan, and begin taking action, towards transforming our dreams, to goals, to meaningful self – improvements! Therefore, as we begin 2016, let’s try to make this year our best one ever (in whatever way, it means to you!

How Reading Helped My Personal Growth

Reading is a wonderful activity that every person should aspire to do. I will explain my experiences with reading and how it helped me in life.

Reconstruct Resolutions

Resolutions are so passe’. What is it you really want to achieve? To construct anything well, you must build a solid foundation.

It All Depends on How You Look at It

All of us can look at scenes from our lives as if they were paintings and ask ourselves: “What do you see?” “What do you like?” “What do think you are trying to say or do?” And then we can walk around the scene again, and look at it from different angles and distances and perspectives.

Making Decisions

When we want to decide and we aren’t sure of what is the best decision, uncertainty kicks in and starts our thoughts swirling around and around in our head. How do we know if and when it’s okay to quit or to walk away? Or to invite something new into our lives?We ask ourselves a hundred variations on these kinds of questions…

Being Active and Social With Senior Living

As a retiree there is no reason to hide in your home all day watching TV. Instead, senior living should be fun and full of activities.

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