If You Are Going Through Spiritual Awakening – Watch This!

A Daily Accounting, Five Questions in Five Minutes To Totally Transform Your Life

All religious and spiritual practices ultimately serve one purpose; to reflect on who you are as a human being by discovering the true nature of your personality. The method I present to you here allows us to discover who we truly are rather than who we think we are. With the discovery of the truth of our character, we automatically achieve a higher level of self development and become able to achieve our goals and desires.

How Can a Panic Attack Affect You?

Most of us experience panic attacks. This article is based on personal experience on panic attacks.

Are You Still In Your Emotional Past? Heal Emotional Pain and Return to Inner Peace!

In these times of anxiety, we have a tendency to retreat into our happy past… but also into our negative past. Let’s look at how to stop living in our emotional past and return to inner peace – in the Now.

Choices – In The Zone Or Manipulation

I am on a journey of self-empowerment. Our lives are about choices, where we are where we may want to be. The choices we make either empower and dis-empower us and some knowledge of how and why we make choices is important. We are in a world where manipulation is common, protect yourself with knowledge.

Nature Verses Nurture: Can Psychotherapy Transform Our Personality?

Is it nature or is it nurturing we receive that determines our personalities? Regardless of this ongoing debate, psychotherapy can be a great way to support, strengthen and even transform one’s personality. Therapy can be an avenue to shift habits, old ways of thinking and acting, to ultimately be more authentically who we really are.

Who Do You Want to Be?

Recently I was asked by an acquaintance at a networking meeting to explain more about what the benefits of coaching are and why people buy it. I thought this was an interesting question and as I answered her I made a note to make that the subject of my next post, so here it goes…

Purpose of Life – Giant Step For a Life of Meaning

Do not take life for granted. Your life must have purpose. You must create that purpose, but end result is happiness, increasing wealth and improving health. There is almost nothing that you can’t achieve in life as long as you have the guts to do it. Do you have it?

How to Improve Social Skills – Step Out of Your Shell

Many people want to improve their social skills, and there are many ways to do so. The most important part of improving these skills is that you want to socialize with other people. Choosing the techniques that will help you do so will be a much easier task after you decide it is time you did something to improve your social skills.

Match Your Mindset With Your Desires for Deliberate Creating

Learn to master your mindset. Do this and deliberate creation will become natural to you!

Life Is Short – So Live Life To The Fullest

The Divine Creator has given us a life to enjoy – it will not last forever. So it is our responsibility to live life to the fullest – enjoying every second, every relationship, every opportunity. Life is short – make the most of it.

Are You Tired, Confused, Frustrated?

Why is it so hard for us to surrender? Maybe it is because since we were very young, the world has told us that surrender portrays weakness.

How to Successfully Navigate Life

In a recent conversation with a client we were discussing what it takes to successfully navigate life. He was considering options for the next years of his academic life. Upon completion of his studies, he would take a year off to work – it would serve as his gap year; a pivotal period in every student’s academic life. Being in his early twenties, he was concerned he might not be interested in working in the area he spent years studying for. I offered the advice that life was like a journey with bridges to cross. When you approach a decision in relation to your future path, you must cross a bridge. The bridge may be likened to a major life decision. In order to navigate your way forward you must know what direction you’re headed – the path will reveal itself. You can never know what surprises await you. The past merely serves as a guide to the future. Life ultimately unfolds in perpetual moments.

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