If You Are an Empath – Watch This! [You Are Chosen by the Universe]

How to Use Bad Weather to Your Advantage

To what extent does the weather affect your mood? Leaving aside sufferers of clinical depression; too many of us allow unfavourable weather conditions to control our thinking. It can be true to the point of becoming angry, as if someone was to blame. This way of thinking can infiltrate other more important aspects of life. How can the weather be used to help?

How Do You Plan To Start Off Your 2013?

  As one year ends and another is about to begin, this is the time of year when a number of different articles appear about taking steps to plan for the coming year. Some write of the practice of setting New Year’s resolutions. Often business based or self improvement based articles talk about goal setting.

Resistance Is Futile – But We Do It Anyway

I heard something interesting on the radio on my morning commute one day about a year ago. I was listening to the radio show “Our Daily Bread” on BBN. The meditation was on change.

Receiving Help

Every person has times of being able to help others, and times of needing help. The more intelligently we take life on, the easier it is to not need help. The more we are busy with worth and good things, the easier life is.

Positive Conditioning, a World Cure

Start shaping your child from the gate and never let go, instead put your heart, hope and prayer in motion without fainting! Life is fragile and as parents we have a charge to keep. We must take accountability for the outcome of our children and our own personal destiny. I can’t begin to tell how many people are either lost respective to their life purpose or miserable from the inside out. Most of what people do is a reflection of how the think and feel from within. People view others through the eyes of their very own mind. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. No matter when and where mind shaping begins, it must begin. Every single day of life should be introduced to some form of productive stimuli and positive reinforcement, rather than leaving the mind to become one big negative muscle.

Making SMART Resolutions for the New Year

Making SMART resolutions that will succeed for the new year. The most important thing about making new year’s resolutions is to make sure they are SMART resolutions.

Personality Enhancement 101: How to Gain More Friends

Some people find it easier to connect with others while others do not. However, part of your personality enhancement is to make sure that you are able to connect with people on a more personal level than before. This article will help you find out how you can connect with people effectively and gain friends in the process.

Three Quick Tips for Getting Your Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Homework Done

Great tips to increase your chances of completing your therapy homework. Cognitive behavioral therapy has a lot to do with homework, so read this article to help get it done!

Shamanistic Secrets For Creating Your Best Year Yet

One of the best ways to open up to all areas of the mind is to use altered states of consciousness or simply, trance. Going into trance has to be one of the oldest shamanistic skills. Learn how to use trance to change your life…

Paying the Price for Emotional Numbness

Being emotional numb–not being in touch with your feelings–interferes with emotional health and intimate relationships. A number of exercises can assist in rekindling the spark of emotional awareness.

What’s Your Plan, And What Are You Willing To Do?

Here we are, another year over, and a new year upon us. Almost as if it were some ceremonial rite of passage, most of us make bold proclamations, expressing that we look forward to a great new year. However, just like with most other things, nothing of consequence ever happens, without commitment, effort, persistence and perseverance.

Standing Up For the Vagina

A book entitled “Vagina: A New Biography” might, at first sight, seem intended only for women, but men appear on virtually every page and men who care about women will want to become better informed. Author Naomi Wolf treats subjects ranging from the sex goddess in early cultures to the latest information on female sexuality to the case against pornography.

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