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What Is Kindness?

The acts of kindness are never small or big. You may just spend a few hours of your life with a neglected roadside beggar giving him condolence and showering care on him and that is just enough to bring him out of grief.

How to Overcome Emotional Abuse and Trauma

Many suffer from emotional abuse and it can be devastating. However, there are certain steps you can take that will help such as accepting what has happened, move on and know that you are on the pathway toward better mental health.

10 Reasons Your Life Should Always Be Under Construction

As we travel down the road called ‘life’, we often find ourselves in the midst of a construction zone, causing the brakes to be pressed. In this article, the reader will gain 10 insights as to how and why it’s important to always have a life under construction.

Living Purposefully and Achieving Personal Mastery

Personal mastery is the result of setting goals and achieving success and is rooted in continuous self-improvement, especially towards gaining a competency in skill or knowledge. Some people have large lofty goals like surpassing Bill Gates’ net worth of $79.

When The Soul Knows Its Worth

What is the human soul, where is it? Our soul is a part of our Creator and always belongs to Him; it is the essence of God existing within every part of us. Unlike our ‘higher self, ‘which belongs exclusively to us, our soul is our Creator existing within us. What happens to us when we become oblivious to our soul and how important it is in our lives? We lose touch with the pure love that accompanied us in our life and all that it embodies, frequently leading us to a desolate place where we believe we have no worth or future, or that we can never achieve our greatest hopes and dreams. It is the land of broken dreams and shattered hearts; a place where no one aspires to visit. Yet it is a crowded place, this land of worthlessness and hopelessness.

7 Daily Habits That Could Change Your Life

Both our conscience and subconscious daily habits have the potential to pave the direction that our lives are headed. Making sure to evaluate your daily habits can help to ensure you are headed in the direction that you want to me going.

Be Innovative And Think Outside the Box, News Flash! Get Rich, Innovate and Think Outside the Box

We are stuck in a rut in America. We think the only way to have an income is to work for someone else. It’s called an employee income. There are other ways of making money. It’s called residual income. There are many advantages to residual income.

Why You Are Already Worthy

Worthiness is a measure of what you’re willing to receive. At the deepest level, self-worth relates to our sense of entitlement. Self-worth entails embracing our true self whose essence is pure love.

3 Steps for Unlimited Growth

Growth can be defined differently by everyone. But what do you see as your own growth potential? Are you implementing things today that allow you to have unlimited growth in your life? Here are 3 easy steps to start today.

A Path to the Self – Honor Your Body As the Home of Your Spirit

Your body is the home of your Spirit. With acceptance of this belief, you treat your body well and trust its wisdom. But you must find ways to honor your body.

The Seeds Of Your Destiny

Each of us begins life with a master plan of perfection. As years pass many are transplanted, through no fault of their own, into soil that may not be as fertile or nurturing as their beginnings; it affects the final outcome. Some cling by reaching out to grow onto one another, imagining they are not strong enough to survive alone. Others may have been transplanted into situations where violence and condemnation became a way of life causing them to stop growing to their potential of perfection. So many potentials change when we emerge to begin our life.

The Charged Life – Finding Your Life’s Mission

Brandon Burchard is a world famous personal development trainer whose life’s work is to help others live a fully charged life. Most of us believe we are meant to have only one purpose in life. This is untrue and the myth behind it was derived from ancient days when the life span was between 20 and 30 years. With such a low life span, people used to end up being trapped in jobs within the village such as a blacksmith or a butcher.

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