IAC International Yoga Day

You Are Not Broken – Time for a New Model for Treating Mental Health Issues?

The medical model of mental health starts from a belief that the patient’s mind is broken or faulty. I believe that it’s the model that’s faulty, not the patient. Your mind is amazing and whatever you are feeling right now, I can almost guarantee it is working perfectly. Find out why, and how a model of the perfect mind gives us new options for treatment.

What’s in a Story? A New Awareness of Expression

What’s in a story? Well, when they are our ‘old stories’ about ourselves that we are in a habit or pattern of repeating in conversation, they can be extremely destructive and don’t help us at all in our daily lives, especially when we are really wanting to let go of our past and start to live life fully, for ourselves in the present.

Career Transformation Series: Is It the Right Time to Change Professions?

Emotional pain can be a significant driver of our desire to change professions. However, when the decision to leave a job is triggered by our emotional reactions to frustration, dissatisfaction or loss of enthusiasm, it can lead to choices that are poorly timed and ill-conceived.

Pick Your Story Wisely

We all need small things we can do to encourage ourselves, especially on those days when walking the talk doesn’t seem to be an option. We are turning to the world of oral and visual media for a trick in inspiration.

From Seed to Fall

The greenest of all thumbs cast the seeds of life and one of the healthiest of soils and the strongest of pots from which I can consider caught one of the seeds from which I sprouted. The creator never gave a name to that seedling so the soil and the pot gave the name of Fred Andrew Agpaoa, from which the last I inherited from my father.

How To Pay For What You Desire In 3 Simple Ways

To everything in life there is a price, some negotiable and some non-negotiable. Nothing comes free, even if it did not cost you anything there was still a price paid before it got to you. Life is sweet for those that know how to pay the price for what they desire

Are You Good Enough?

Many people have some form of the belief that they are not good enough. It is a core belief that also manifests as feeling unworthy and undeserving – such as not deserving love, happiness or abundance.

Morality Is Fluid

Morality is a tough idea to describe. I do not know if we can ever know how a human would act if they never had intelligent contact with another human. Yet, if we would meet such a person would we judge his or her survival behavior as moral.

The Easiest Way to Grow Your Kids: Parenting in These New Times With Ho’oponopono

Parenting can be easier than you think, definitely more rewarding and effective, if you just remember a couple of truths. Ho’oponopono, an ancient form of problem solving, teaches us that our experiences and memories cloud the awareness of who we truly are, and how we can create the life we want. As we grow older and with every passing day, we acquire worries, fears, and insecurities, that create limiting beliefs based on judgments and opinions.

You Are a Powerful Creator: Awaken the Memory of Who You Are and Why You Are Here!

Most of us live in the illusion that we do not have a purpose that we are just here to live our lives quietly in hiding and not participate in the expansion of humanity. Is it out of humility or out of fear? As a young girl I often starred at the sky and remembered asking God why I was on earth?

My Birthday Message

Today (October 16) is my birthday. I am going to share some personal aspects of my life with you.

Journal Writing and a Meaningful Life

Would you say your life is meaningful, or is it more like you don’t think much about meaning? With today’s pressures, it’s hard enough to pay the bills; who has time for meaning? Yet without a feel for the value in your existence, you’ll falter and eventually fall. Use your journal to avoid such a fate!

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