I did a 40 day meditation challenge 😳 (vlog + lessons)

Best Of Luck

The world is divided into two kinds of people one who believe everything happens because of luck and the other half believes it is all cause and effect. I have been fascinated by this subject. Is there something we can do to get luckier? Find out for yourself.

Knowing Is Knowing, Doing Is Doing

A company doesn’t pay a person based on what he /she knows, but on what he/she can do with what they know! We may know a hundred thousand things, but we may not do them, just knowing has no meaning. Let me narrate my story how I learnt this lesson.

Change the World in 6 Simple Steps!

Arie will show you how simple it is to change the world. We don’t need big government, trillions of dollars, wars or guns to change the world. We have the power to change everything in 6 simple steps.

5 Minutes a Day That Will Change the Way You Teach (for the Better!)

We have all heard the saying, “Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it” yet we all fall victim to making the same mistakes again and again. Is there not a way we could learn our lessons more quickly, to tie down those lessons in a way that would help us grow with less struggle? In this piece we examine a handy tool that requires a minimum of effort, and yet offers some impressive benefits… all in just five minutes a day.

Discover Your Capabilities

How much credit do you give yourself when it comes to your abilities? For most people they fall way short in how much belief they have in themselves. The truth is we are all capable of amazing things if we allow ourselves the power of positive thinking. It’s time to discover your capabilities…

The Eclipse Season

The Full, Lunar, Moon in emotionally deep Scorpio is always an intense event. This one, though, takes things to another level that challenges relationships as well as finances. If you are old enough to remember what happened in your life, let’s say, about nineteen years ago to the day, on April 25th; then what we will be experiencing tomorrow will be just like what we experienced then.

The Quality Of Personal Development

The Purpose of Personal Development is quality of life. The quality of my life is relative to my attainment of personal qualities. The personal qualities that I attain are attributable to my Self. The personal qualities that I attribute to my Self are emotional states of being.

Who Controls Your Life – Are You The Architect?

To evolve to your highest potential as both a human being and spiritual being, take care of YOU. Dissolving and replacing thought patterns and beliefs that are of a negative nature and whose roots are firmly and deeply implanted within your mind and body both imprison and debilitate your mind, your emotions and your physical body.

Making the Body-Mind Connection

You’ve heard that the mind and body are connected, but have you experienced it? Find out just how intertwined they are and how to use journaling to make their interactions work in your best interests.

How To Be Healthy And Live The Best Of You

Being in good state of health in all aspects makes you productive and satisfied. Top on the list of your priorities should be healthy living. Read how you can live the best of you here.

Does One Size Fit All? Yanking the Legs Off Bad Conditioning

What creates bad habits in your work? Did you know that job dissatisfaction has been linked to heart disease? This article gives you insight into how habits are formed in the workplace, the fake security that a job promises and how not to be an elephant, seriously it’s eye opening. Have a read, it’s going to be worth your time.

Put In and Get Out

Many people don’t want to do something or be involved with something because they think they get nothing out of it. It is a true principle that we get out what we put in. And if we focus only on ourselves, we shrink and become of little value.

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