I am Thankful Guided Meditation for Gratitude

How To Choose Your Path In Life

There are many paths to spiritual and worldly freedom. Every person can choose a path that suits them, and many work equally well. We can choose Zen, Kabbalah or Sufi for example which are very different paths but all lead to the same end.

A Guide to Developing Your Strengths

Everyone one has talents and strengths to contribute to the world. The problem is that many people aren’t aware of this fact, or they might have self-doubt issues, and they don’t tap into their innate talents.

How to Convert Your Negative Self-Talk Into a HEY E-Motion

Everybody fears looking stupid in front of other people, including me. We need to look good, nice and smart, otherwise our self-talk kills us with comments such as, “I told you, you are not good for this. You are a loser. I’m sure you are not going to make it happen. Don’t do that because it is not for you. Do you think they will believe in you?” All kinds of negative comments. That little voice is a critical voice and it is stopping you from becoming the person you want to be -at least in your conscious mind.

Positive Relationships and How You Can Attract Them

Life is a journey, and on that journey there will be many relationships. There are some that will be great, and they may last a lifetime. Then there are those that either either very unhappy, or very short. Then again they could actually be both.

Confidence Through Daily Affirmations

Have you ever found that you suffer from low self esteem? If something happens to you, something negative, do you beat yourself up over it constantly?

How To Make Your Age An Asset

In this era where a lot of information abounds about anti-aging, there is a perceived fear of aging. However successful we may seem at freezing the hands of time on our external appearance, it is equally important to remain mindful of how we are being on the inside. In this article, I share some insights on how to enhance well-being and to embrace age as an asset.

Beware of The Two Word Dream Killer: “How To”?

Is the phrase “how to” quietly sabotaging your dreams and goals. Find out the symptoms and if you’re falling into the same trap as millions of others. Plus see how to use it to boost your goal achievement ratio.

How I “Ruined” My “Life”

What my life was then, and what it is now. Or what it can be.

Making Room

Major life transitions can can cause us to put away our plans to accept what life really is. And often, this shift in view can result in attracting in hopes and dreams that fulfill you even more.

A Roberto Isaias Biography

The name Roberto Isaias is famous in his native homeland of Ecuador due to the sheer amount of entrepreneurial success the business person has enjoyed. He gained his knowledge and skill set from both his family and his studies and he is a member of the third generation of the Isaias family. He learnt much of his talent from his uncle Nahim Isaias, who was his primary mentor and his grandfather Emilio Isaias and father Estefano Isaias also played a big role in his success.

2 Tips on How to Uncover the True Perceptions of Those Around You and Increase Your Own Success

Virtually everyone in the informed world has heard the saying “Perception is reality.” Many, especially us left brained people, want to deny this. Those who are logical want to believe that facts in physics and math define existence and reality. In the end, however, this just isn’t true when dealing with people. After all, science can only tell us (some of the time) what is fact and what is not, and no science could quantify on a broad spectrum what is good or bad. Ultimately, what is good or bad for each individual becomes their reality. Thus, it is the way each person views life and certain experiences in their life that determines what is real to them and what is not.

5 Reasons Why You Should Give to Charity

You have often heard it quoted, “It is better to give than to receive.” Well, this is definitely a true statement. When we give we can know the heartwarming experience of making someone else feel valued and appreciated. Be it for a birthday, anniversary, or just-because, gift giving always feels good for the receiver and the giver.

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