I Am Radiant Solar Plexus Chakra Guided Meditation

The Art and Science of Healing (As I See It)

Healing is defined as “the process of returning to health.” It is essentially the releasing or clearing away of all that is causing our difficulties or problems, so we can return to a state of health, as we once were.

10 Reasons to Challenge Yourself

This article lists ten excellent reasons to challenge yourself and how they enhance our lives. Challenging ourselves is one of the most important things we can do to increase our quality of life. By doing so, we not only improve as individuals but also enhance the lives of those around us and our communities, as well.

Can You Handle The Whole Truth? Are You Speaking Your Truth?

It is vital to speak the unvarnished truth in appropriate fashion. It is equally vital to be open to hearing the plain and simple truth from others. Are you up to that challenge?

Balance Your Intuition And Rational Mind

In some professional circles today, we often hear about the importance of listening to, trusting in and honoring our intuition. However, this has not always been the case. Relatively speaking, for the longest time in our more recent history, our rational mind has been regarded as more valuable and important than our intuitive mind especially when assessing the reality of a situation and/or making a decision. It is equally important to utilize and honor our intuitive skills as it is to use and value our analytical abilities. Neither one is more important over the other.

Mid-Life Career Changes And Personal Growth

One thing I’ve noticed in life, is that there comes a point in time when you reflect on where you are and you feel a yearning to change for the better. I turned thirty, and I felt that I was ready for a change in my career. I realized that I was not living up to my potential and I really wanted joy in my life.

Top 5 Vibe-Kinkers (and Their Antidotes)

Are you engaging any of these manifesting handicaps? These are the most common ways we create misalignment to what we want: 1. We judge.

7 Tips for Personal Development

Attending to your personal development is extremely important if you are to reach your dreams and achieve those goals that you have set. where to start with your development can be a challenge. This article gives you 7 great tips to help you on your way.

Sexual Intelligence: One of the Keys to Fulfillment and Joy

Sexual intelligence isn’t very well known and therefore not cultivated as a capacity. We refer to sexual intelligence as the development of consciousness as it relates to life force or sexual energy — known in Sanskrit as Kundalini and in Taoism as chi. To get a better handle on this form of intelligence let’s look first at human energy that is such an elusive phenomenon. Just as electrical energy is present for turning on the light bulb and infrared waves for connecting with each other by cell phone, human energy is ever present as long as we are alive.

How to Birth Your Dreams by Going Out Of Your Mind

Have you ever been called out of your mind? All my life-changing decisions have been made when I was out of my mind.

Awareness: Expand Yours for a Sensational Life!

People go through life unaware of their surroundings. How they are as people, how others see them, and how they interact in the world. If you don’t become acutely aware, you will miss out on the true gifts life has to offer each of us.

There Is No Such Thing As Freedom

Is there a statement more likely to provoke consternation from people than to submit that there is no such thing as freedom? I think not. So why suggest it?

What Does Personal Development Mean to You?

What does Personal Development mean to you and why do you think it is so important? In this article I start to explore the reasons why Personal or Self Development is so important to fulfilling your dreams.

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