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5 Simple Tips To Initiate And Sustain Personal And Spiritual Growth

Initiating and sustaining personal and spiritual growth is a process that takes place throughout your life and can be one of the most enriching and rewarding experiences. If you are constantly looking to develop yourself personally like others, persist in looking for tips on self-development, inculcate methods that help you grow, and build confidence-building measures that help reach targeted goals. As a person in a similar mold, I would like to offer you some ideas that worked for me.

Fueling Your Dream: 6 Tips to Clear Stuck Energies and Fuel Your Dream

A lot of people are passionate about their dreams and also take massive action, but complain that they don’t see results. What a lot of people don’t realize is there’s a connection between energy and dreams.

Trying a New Perspective

As I write this post, I have returned from a week at the New Jersey shore. I have never much been a fan of the beach. My wife, on the other hand, absolutely loves everything about it, from the ocean, to walking along the shore line, to lying on the sand.

It All Begins With Me!

I’ve committed to make the world a better place through sharing my thoughts and inspiration. If I want to make the world a better place, it all begins with me! I realize that to begin, I have to be willing to take an honest look.

Are You Really Who You Say You Are? (Or Is Your Monkey Mind Telling You Dangerous Stories?)

Do you talk to yourself? Go on – admit it – we all do! But did you know that what you’re saying to yourself can have a massive impact on your life? That it can keep you stuck or set you free? And there are two dangerous words that your mind loves to use which could be your worst enemies. Want to find out what you can do about it?

Why It Is Important For The Unhealed Soul To Heal

The unhealed soul can be recognised by the lives they live and by the stories they tell. Could you be one of those souls whom happen to be walking around unhealed? Are you living a life free from the dark shadows of the past and fully aware that the circumstances of your life belong to you? Or are the stories of your life full of pain and a discussion point for all that is going wrong in your life?

Balance Your Principles, Find Happiness and Inspire Others to Do the Same

Throughout any individual’s life, he or she will hear the saying, “it is better to give than receive”, at least once. Although this statement is often brought up in our culture, many individuals tend to not question it. If you consider yourself to be a leader, chances are that you completely agree with this statement as well as believe that you should only receive when you have something to give in exchange. There is always a time to give and a time to receive. When the time comes for you to receive, a simple “thank you” will more than suffice. This will allow you to accept the gift of gratitude as it develops naturally.

Celebrate Your Life and Your Accomplishments

At one point in our lives, we may encounter a situation in which we will be tempted to give up. In some cases, we may even give up before we get started. Whether you didn’t get the job that you wanted or were not able to successfully run your first business, it boils down to this: you didn’t get what you wanted right away, so you gave up. The solution to this is simple: stop giving up.

Setting Your Life Standards High

When surrounded by negative people and situations, knowing how to defuse the negativity is very helpful. Each day, individuals are surrounded by negativity and are not aware of how to successfully avoid it. By fighting a negative situation with a negative reaction, chances are that the situation will only become worse, resulting in more negativity. In many cases, a negative situation can easily be avoided by maintaining your composure. Every person throughout the world has their own path to take in the great cycle of life and each person will experience it differently depending upon how they respond to certain events. As each individual has their own beliefs and expectations, your own behavior and actions will often differ from those around you.

The 7 Simple Personal Development and Self Improvement Questions to Ask Yourself

Sometimes, despite the fact that there are usually some real life issues to think about and to discuss, I quite often feel rather contented with my life. Having said that I also find myself aspiring to be more and to do more.

Becoming Petrified of Becoming Petrified

Fear and pain are powerful devices that keep us from embracing change, even when we want to. But when we understand how these emotions work to hold us back, it becomes easier to defeat them. Understanding is the key to predicting when someone will finally find the inner strength to begin the process of change.

Beliefs Don’t Make You Better, Behavior Does

Every day of our lives, we cast votes. For example, we vote at the grocery store with every purchase but often times our vote is not aligned with our beliefs. Let’s say that you believe that supporting local farmers is a great thing and much healthier for your family but you buy fruits and vegetables that are grown by big agricultural conglomerates who use vast amounts of chemicals and genetically modify the foods, then you are casting a vote for that practice to continue. You could choose to support your local farmer’s market instead. This article looks at many of the choices we face daily, how they impact our overall happiness and peace of mind, and how we can choose wisely.

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