Hypergate With The Leo King – Divine Union and The Way Out of The System

Sow Then Reap

As you sow, so shall you reap. I’m sure you’ve heard this statement at one point or another in your life. Have you ever really thought about it though? Look at this way. Right now, in your life, you’re reaping and harvesting things you’ve sown in the past.

Pssst, Pass It On

I remember being told when I was younger to share. I remember at the start of my career being told that to get what I want, I need to help others get what they want. I remember being told in church to serve others, to be a servant.

What Is Personal Growth And Why Is It Important In Your Life?

Most people aren’t happy with some aspect of their life, whether it’s a financial situation, relationship, work environment or maybe it’s a fitness problem. If you haven’t looked at ways you can change your life then maybe its time to start your journey into personal growth. No matter what you want to call it, personal growth, personal development, self development, self help, or numerous other names, it all comes down to growing yourself into the person that you want to be.

Self Sabotage – Are You Getting In Your Own Way?

Sabotage is defined as ‘a deliberate action aimed at weakening another entity through subversion, obstruction, disruption, or destruction’. Self-sabotage is then deliberate action aimed at weakening one’s self. Can you relate?

Rebound Your Life

Whether we are separated, whether we get fired, or we get involved in a car crash, bad things, situations happen. It is quite common as well to separate, get fired and get involved in a car crash at the same time. During that time we are very sad. It is as if we are stuck on the bottom. Those days you feel worthless with no energy to react. There is no courage not event to look up, our head faces the ground. Has someone been there? Well, there is good news…

Are You a Perfectionist or Someone Who Values Doing Things Well?

Are you wondering if you are a perfectionist or just someone who values doing things well? Answer the following seven questions: When you fail or fall short of your expectations, do you…

3 Ways to Bring More Joy Into Your Life

Are you experiencing short spurts of joy but would like to take it up a notch to bring more joy into your life consistently? A life filled with joy begins with an appreciation for even the smallest things. Always keep a heart of gratitude and appreciation as these create the suppleness of heart. Try these 3 ways to consciously bring more joy into your life – see inside this article.

How to Enhance Your Self-Awareness

When you enhance your self-awareness you can consciously create or recreate your life and move from a state of unconscious living. You begin to understand how you think, what you feel, become present and pay attention to what’s going on in your life so you can make the necessary adjustments to create change and get the results you desire.

Overcoming Desperation – How to Overcome Dark Times in Your Life

Overcoming desperation when you face dark times is possible no matter how awful things may seem right now in your life. Desperate feelings come about as a result of feeling disempowered when you face dark times. If you lost your job or lack the finances you need to pay your bills or purchase food, feelings of desperation and anxiety can overtake you. But you don’t have to allow them to. Use the following 3 steps to help you become empowered so you can overcome desperation in dark times.

Evaluating Yourself – The Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living

Do you find yourself saying, “What’s the point of life or what’s the point of living?” If you’re not happy with the results of your life then you need to stop and evaluate yourself. Life is not worth living until you begin to really take a closer look at your life.

Determining Your Purpose

Have you ever asked yourself at some point in your life or at various points in your life or that of your business the following question…? “What’s my purpose?” Knowing your purpose will ensure that you, your family and/or your organization will ensure you are on-track for fulfillment and success. This article explores the importance of knowing your purpose and, where required, how to go about figuring out your purpose.

The Coincidence of Opposites

Hopefully, after reading this text, you will possess the means to release your imagination from its arrested development. It starts on the inside and works its way out.

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