How to Trust the Universe When Things Go Wrong [Law of Attraction]

Connect and Grow – Fusion of Social Networking With Personal Development

Social networking is becoming the mot d’ordre of the day. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and hundreds of other social networking sites have taken over, changing not just the way people interact, but also the way people do business. Social networking has and will also change the way we develop and grow!

Change Your Experience With Love and Healing

We all have situations in our life that bring us some level of stress, of “bad news, perhaps an abrupt life-change of some kind, or even a health challenge like my first cancer diagnosis in 2007. But it is how we handle those situations, those moments, that matter in the end. It is how we choose to react that impacts our journey. Our experience.

And So This Is Christmas: An Unbeliever’s Guide to the Holidays

It’s hard to write anything original about Christmas. Holiday self-help advice gets about as original and moving as the countless bad renditions of any number of holiday songs playing non-stop from the first of November until the New Year. So why am I compelled to offer it? This season I think I will vote to suspend my disbelief in the sacredness of the turning of the year and how this time of the year is the most appropriate for that deep observation. Let’s talk about how to do just that.

What Is It Like To Live With Me?

You have probably heard the cliche, talk is cheap. But there is wisdom contained in this concept and it applies doubly in relationships. Words like, “I’m sorry” or “I love you,” quickly begin to lose their meaning if those words are not followed by loving actions.

Extreme Existentialism

Why do people prefer their electronic devices even if they are socially interacting with others? What causes the mind to discount human interaction in favor of machines?

Want More Happiness in Your Life? Do More of What YOU Do Best

The world is full of studies nowadays that attempt to show what behaviors and environmental factors will make us happy. But such studies often neglect to examine the deep role that work plays in our lives. Have you ever marveled at how few people you know who are actually happy at work… or about why, exactly, they do enjoy their jobs?

You Can Change the World, You See in 2013

Is there one universe, in which we all live in one world, where we all get to experience the same reality? I do not believe so, I believe that we all get to experience our own form of reality, where everything we see as “our reality”, is filtered by our perception filters, through which we view our world. There are no two people on this planet that are the same, even twins, have different experiences and perceptive backgrounds and thus live a different reality.

It All Started With a Bucket List

I use to be the person who always had places and experiences I wanted as well as things I wished to have, but never got around to documenting any of them. No lists, no vision board just thinking of them from time to time with no real focus or faith.

Stop Being Bitter and Make 2013 BETTER

There is massive power in words. The words we speak and consistently think are slowly moulding our future, one simple word and phrase at a time. In a literal sense what we think about, speak about and act upon, we bring about.

Universal Laws

Natural Law: I’m sure that you’ve heard much about Universal Laws or at the very least the Law of Attraction. This well-known theory popularized in recent years by books, films and speakers of new thought explains the principles of a metaphysical law that one can attract anything that they think about consistently. Seeking the Law of Attraction is a wonderful tool for anyone’s life but this is far from the total of your consciousness.

How to Develop Your Self Esteem

We lose our self esteem when we give into others’ opinion of us. Nature has provided us with a way to recover and strengthen lost esteem – follow our intuition.

Live Passionately

Life is certainly a journey full of hills, valleys, bumpy roads and smooth roads at times. Sometimes life is predicable and sometimes not so predictable. You can have periods where everything seems to be going well and other times when it seems like you are a magnet for negative distractions and situations.

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