How to Stop JINXing Your Manifestation | Don’t Make this Mistake! [Law of Attraction]

The Reason Most People Fail Is Because They Quit Too Soon

Failing: Maybe you had your first experience with it in grade school, maybe it was a race you wanted to win and you didn’t, or maybe it was getting that big promotion to take care of your financial problems and it just didn’t happen. Whatever the circumstances, we have all had our share of failures in life. In fact, failure is one of those proverbially inevitable things in life, and at some or other point it is going to happen to you.

6 Tips For Giving A Spectacular Speech

Stuck for ideas for that speech? Uncertain if your information is accurate? Unsure how to start your outline? You won’t be for long.

The Evil of Pride

Many people become proud because of their great accomplishment and success in life. When you excel beyond others, you need special grace to remain humble, this is a fact, and when God blesses you above your equals and mates, you need special grace to keep humble. Pride is very subtle, and you will not recognize it when it first comes into your heart. Some become proud because of their beauty, some because of their position of power, some because of their parents wealth and so on.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) – The Why, What and How!

What is Emotional Intelligence? And how is it useful to YOU?

Healing Domestic Violence by Proxy – How to Love in the Context of an Unhealed Injury

If you and your children are victims of domestic violence by proxy, you know one of the deepest human injuries. Your greatest challenge in healing this wound is to allow yourself to feel the ache of it in the course of your loving your alienated child…or parent. Read on to learn how to inspire healing and rebuilding with your estranged loved one.

When Fate Ties You In a Knot – What Do You Do?

I pity the folks of Zimbabwe for not standing up for their rights and dignity to take Robert Mugabe head-on. There is currently no one at this point in time to release them from their plight, “Of nature’s supremacy” over our prayers. Their struggle reflects an inner hope and a dream that has gradually become a holocaust of man’s divine identity upon the stars, while hole looks-on their unfortunate demise.

Working With Someone You Dislike

People that we don’t like but with whom we share an office or a home can ruin our lives very quickly. This article points to ways in which you can reduce the stress levels and deal with the situation effectively.

Other People’s Judgment – Why Does That Hurt Us So?

When someone you know or someone you don’t know very well judges you it is never an easy thing. I’m never quite sure how or why other people feel the need to pass judgment on one another. Wayne Dryer has this great quote that says, “When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself” Judgment is never kind, courteous and often filled with ignorance and misinformation so why is it that we let it bother us so? Why is it that we spend so much of our lives trying to live up to or down to or defending a position or judgment that was bestowed on us by another?

Does Your Life Suck? 5 Ways to Improve Life

You have a sucked up life. Here are 5 ways to improve your life, so that you can no longer say ‘my life sucks’.

My Encounter With An Alien

Recently I had an encounter with an alien…well, not exactly. Actually, I had an encounter with the movie, “Paul,” which is about an Alien named Paul who has escaped from being detained by the U.S. government and wants to return home where he came from. Meanwhile, two vacationing, unabashedly nerdy Brits have an encounter with him when on a desert highway, a car comes careening past them, crashes, and Paul stumbles out. The next thing you know he’s talked them into taking him somewhere important (which turns out to be the place where he’s able to rendezvous with his spaceship).

2 Key Ingredients to Success

The article talks about 2 key qualities needed to overcome challenges and improve your life. It shows the difference between the two and why its important to cultivate both.

Getting the Coaching Mindset

Getting the Coaching Mindset Life Coaching is big business nowadays, an area in Self-Development which has substantially grown over the last few years. When you do a search on the internet for Personal Life Coaching you get a Wapping 46,100,000 results. Even though I do believe there are substantial benefits from hiring a Personal Life Coach, the fact is a lot of people are not in a position to do so, however you can still gain many of the benefits of coaching by adopting a coaching mindset.

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