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Finding Your Dream Life: 4 Easy Steps

Chances are that you have stumbled across this article because you have lost sight of your hopes and dreams and can’t really figure out what direction your life should be taking. If that’s the case, don’t worry. Most people do not have big dreams for their life. They are more often stuck in the reality of day to day life. Building a dream life requires a great deal of passion and commitment to move forward. As simple as it sounds, in order to establish a dream, you need to allow yourself time to dream. That seems to be a major issue for many people – their lives are so jammed packed with activities and events that there is no time to even build a dream.

Creating Change: Letting Go of Unfinished Business

Unfinished business can be a major obstacle to moving forward and achieving your dream life. Sometimes, though, in order to move forward we need to stop and take stock of our feelings and thinking from earlier life experiences. Sometimes those earlier thoughts and feelings get in the way of living our lives today. Most often, the thoughts and feelings that get in the way of reaching our hopes and dreams revolve around fear, feelings of guilt, being hurt by someone, or hurting someone else.

Waking Up To a New Reality: Living With Awareness

Enlightenment is about waking up to the reality that life isn’t real. It’s merely an illusion, an extended dream. Our minds create a reality, saying “This is real, everything is real, I am real.” Instead of just witnessing life and being aware of it, we identify with our lives and take them on as an identity.

Be Healthy for Good – Just Do One Thing Differently!

Our habits are sometimes so deeply ingrained that we don’t even notice our repetitive patterns until something bad happens. All of a sudden, we get a wake up call that says, “Something has to change!” In order to be healthy for good, we need to figure out how to make that change.

How Your Self-Talk Affects The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction states that we will attract what we ask for and think about. In a nutshell, this is true. But there are finer points to your self-talk that make the Law of Attraction work. This article helps you analyze the energy behind your self-talk and how that energy creates the circumstances that you attract in your life.

Temporary And Permanent Reality Explained

Reality can be broken down into two basic types. Temporary reality and Permanent reality. Temporary reality must be sustained by continuous attention and thought or it dissolves. Whereas permanent reality doesn’t require anything from anyone and will remain real forever.

Meditation and Art

The field of Meditative Art can be truly understood if we sincerely investigate and discover the meaning of the two terms that it is composed of. Although we may be very familiar with the terms “Art” and “Meditation”, it is beneficial that we first define each one of these terms, from a beginner’s point of view, before we see how and where they connect.

Are You Making This Common Life-Changing Mistake? Here’s What To Do Instead

Life can be filled with so much excitement when you first set out on a new adventure to change your life or a particular area of your life. As you begin to imagine how great it would feel living your desire, you become filled with enthusiasm as you set out to do what needs to be done to manifest it. However, as time progresses, you hit a roadblock – whether it’s not enough money, lack of skills or other resources needed to help you realize your desire. You find yourself beginning to get frustrated, overwhelmed, begin to doubt yourself and lose enthusiasm.

Seven Ways to Start Working Smarter Today – An Independent Consultant’s View

By definition, the term independent consultant alludes to a condition of being self-reliant. There is no weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly salary to be cashed or deposited each time. Your time is your money. It must be used wisely. You must be organized and your computer must be your best friend and assistant. Using your computer efficiently, being organized, and working smarter is the key. If you can’t find an important document, if you forget to make an important phone call, or you forget to pay an important bill on time, you will not only waste time, but it can cost you money.

If You’re Not Thrilled – Get a Purpose or Get Out

Being an entrepreneur is work. There I said it. I didn’t say “hard work” but it is work any way you slice it. To keep it going, it had better be rewarding, right? If you don’t get completely jazzed up when you sell yourself, go back to why you do it. If that doesn’t get you going, consider a change.

W-Righting Away

Assessing one’s progress on the spiritual path is not easy and requires deep honesty, and the courage to look within. Putting your thoughts down on paper can create fresh new perspectives and help you to view your life journey clearly and perhaps even save you from entering ‘dark alleys’ and unnecessary ‘deviations.’

Providing Comfort When Someone Is Going Through a Rough Patch

You may need to lean on others for comfort when life hands you a tough situation. Sometimes you are the one that is providing the shoulder to cry on. This is not always an easy thing to do, staying strong for another individual.

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