How to Speak to the Universe? What Language? and How it Responds..

When Do We Actually Face Our Fears?

Fear, an unpleasant emotion caused by threat of danger, pain or harm. Yet the process to over come such a threat can be a tremendous challenge one we often evade for as long as possible.

3 Simple Steps To Propel Your Future Forward

Having a successful life and future really boils down to YOU! What in your personal life, family, health and work environment would you like to change and accomplish? It all starts with a word you have heard most of your life.

Accepting the Unknown

The unknown can be a scary place, but it is also a valuable resource. The unknown is our potential for growth. Have a good attitude towards the unknown allows us to get the benefit it offers.

One Big Happy Family

Working in circumstance that many of us do, fly in – fly out, drive in – drive out, can have its own set of problems. What can we do about them?

Things to Do When Experiencing a Life Transition

Transition is a part of life. The changes we experience in life are not always welcome changes. However, managing and caring for ourselves during transition has an affect on how we view it and deal with it in the future.

Stepping Out of Limitations and Into Freedom

There are a lot of things that can affect the mindset of an individual and hinder his or her quest for success. Sometimes these limitations are self inflicted, and at other times they are brought about by the environment that we live in, the people that we interact with and the resources available to us. Either way, to live a successful and fulfilling life, a person needs to overcome all these barriers and make the most of every opportunity that arises.

Manners Matter 5

Foul Language – “Please leave your profanity outside!” was a sign I saw on the door of a local restaurant. Seems to me we shouldn’t need such a sign in a public place.

How Our Emotional Wounds Strengthen Us

Despite our intense emotional wounds, the hurt will pass and scars eventually heal. To relive the pain reinforces the experience because we cling to the emotions instead of process them. As time moves on so does the emotional strain, yet we needn’t clutch to our pain story. We can suffer or let go of what no longer serves us. Many people mask their pain by avoiding it. They rather forget the hurt which only reinforces it.

Don’t Be Afraid to Make Mistakes!

Did you know that your dream-life lies in the land of mistakes? You’re going to have to take an occasional bumpy ride if you want to live your life to it’s fullest. But, don’t be afraid because you were made to be stretched.

How Effective Is Your Elevator Speech?

Have you ever thought you knew how to describe and explain yourself both adequately and effectively, only to either realize, or have pointed out, that your elevator speech could be improved? Imagine, for a moment, how that feels, when you have been teaching others, and writing about it, for over three decade, only to have your wife tell you that your elevator speech needed improvement? I am writing this, as I sit aboard a wonderful cruise in the Mediterranean, because I decided there is a need to constantly refocus on our personal strengths and weaknesses,…

How To Become The Best That You Can Be

Everyone is searching for something that makes them better or makes their life better than it is today. What defines the best that we can become? Choices that are behind us and decisions that loom before us are the defining factors in attaining the best that e can become. How do we make good choices? We utilize all of the decision-making skills we arrived in our life with; but first it is necessary to understand what they are and how to use them.

Five Reasons It’s Important to Have a Supporting Cast

In this article the reader will take away five reasons to have a supporting cast in life. A supporting cast is a group of people with who one shares life with, but also a group of people who contribute to personal growth and development.

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