How to renew yourself 🌺 *your refreshing restart*

How to Become Rich by Jim Rohn

There are some interesting and powerful insights on how to become rich according to the great Jim Rohn. Why should you listen to him? Why should you bother taking advice from this successful person?

Are You Human Or Are You Zombie?

“Are you human or are you dancer?” ask the Killers in their hit song “Human”. My question to you today is are you human or are you zombie?

Become a Daymaker

It’s the little things we can do that can make a big difference in another’s life. What can you do today to make a difference?

Rebounding After Adversity

Most of us are touched by some adversity in our lives – the loss of a job or loved one, a life-changing diagnosis or injury, a break-up, or business that fails. You can learn, however, to bounce back from adversity by practicing several skills that will enable you to move forward. This article will show you how.

Transform Insecurity Into Self-Confidence With 2 STEPS

We all need to be appreciated and loved. It is natural for every human being. However when we can’t find these feelings towards us first, it is truly impossible to believe that others will have these feelings towards us either. Self-Confidence is our birth right, yet at times we have to go back to basics and remember the amazing power we already have within ourselves, my friend.

A Little Nature Magic

Physical and spiritual energies are now asking us to bring them into alignment. To be grounded and surrounded in the light is the key.

Kiss My Agenda: The Attitude Which Can Make You Unattractive, Old, and Lonely

Your agenda is your plan for what you want. Your agenda is your list of what you wish to happen. In real time, your agenda is your own idea of how the universe should operate. While some of our agendas are healthy, productive, and necessary, some are not. If you’ve become too invested in your own agendas, you may have developed a Kiss My Agenda attitude. That attitude could be robbing you of joy and making you unattractive, old, and lonely.

A Radical New Idea: Replace “Hate Groups” With “Love Groups”

Hate groups create significant damage to the world on levels that go unnoticed due to their racial terror and overt acts of violence. The massive negative energy generated by these misinformed groups keep the Global Consciousness from growing. Only by observing and activating the law of love will we be able to counter this formidable power.

The Information Trap

OK, when you finish this article, do a Google search on any word or word combination and I’ll guarantee you get millions of choices of places to visit for information. (You really don’t need to do this as I’m sure you have already done it several times today). Tell me you have time to review even ten or twenty of these!

Understanding Triggering

Being triggered can be an upsetting experience. It may be helpful to understand what really happens when you are triggered. Unprocessed memories from traumatic experiences interfere with our behavior. When these memories are properly processed, the trigger is removed.

Overcoming Ingrained Prejudice

Prejudice is unfortunately found in every culture across the globe. It always lies and always distorts the truth. Read on to find out how we can rid ourselves of prejudice and change our mindsets so that we treat each other the way we were meant to be treated.

The Truth About Love

Prince Charming and I recently attended a Pink concert in Chicago, part of her Truth About Love tour. She has her own take on that theme. “The truth about love is it’s nasty and it’s salty; It’s the regret in the morning; It’s the smelling of armpits.”

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