How to Release from Past Negative Karma – Master Sri Akarshana

The Power of the Positive “What If?”

So often we catch ourselves using sentences that begin with the phrase “What if..? to ‘awfulize’ a potential outcome. I know I have caught myself creative negative scenarios by starting with the dreaded “What if..?” What if they don’t like what I have to offer? What if no one buys what I have to sell? You get the picture. Lately, however, I have been using the power of the “What if..?” for good, and I like it!!

Five Tips to Help You Deal With Worry

We all have situations that at times cause us concern, but do we find that we react to those times in an unhelpful, way, embroiled in an overwhelming pattern of worry. Or are we more proactive, able to be clear about what needs to happen, identifying the steps required by us? Worry can become a habit. Here’s an article to help.

What Judgment Can Cost You

What makes us so judgmental? Don’t you wish you could turn off that judgment switch in your head and give it a rest?

4 Ways to Boost Your Professional Productivity Today

It’s probably safe to assume that most of us would like to become more productive people, especially when it comes to our professional lives. However, if you’re like most, you’re probably waiting around for the ideal circumstances to manifest themselves in your life before you really buckle down and commit to self-improvement.

Getting Past Fear!

Have you ever turned down an opportunity because you were afraid? This has happened often in my life because of my fear of water and, no doubt, this translates into many areas in the life of an entrepreneur.

How To Deal With An Obnoxious Co-Worker

Do you have a particular co-worker that you have to deal with every day? Are you forced to find new, creative ways to avoid this annoying pest in your life? If you’ve given way too much energy to one (or more) annoying colleagues that you’re forced to share space with, this article is for you. I’m going to teach you how to face this nuisance head on, and how to regain control of your work environment.

Dissolving Assumptions of Self

We all have assumptions about who we are and what we are capable that developed over the years. Sometimes, these assumptions prove correct and serve us well. But… there are times when our assumptions no longer fit with our reality. One key to real personal growth is to be able to identify the assumptions that no longer fit and to drop them.

Emotional and Intellectual

Neither emotion nor intellect is enough by itself. Both should be used in all aspects of life, and in every decision and way of being.

Why Winning IS Everything!

Everything your parents every taught you with regards to “winning isn’t everything” was wrong! Very WRONG! Find out how 3 simple words in one commonly used phrase has set our future generations up for failure. In this article discover why winning IS everything!

How to Find General Well-Being Within Yourself

Many people may not realise this but at the heart of the universe and the planet that we live on, well-being is at the core. All is well and everything is as it should be. We can either allow this well-being or we can resist it but the well-being flows just the same.

What Are You Meant To Do?

We are certainly in an extraordinary time – a time that challenges us to work together, ask new questions, put our best face forward, engage fully, and take action on our dreams. Easier said than done, right?

How To Stay Sane In A Crazy-Ass World

The world is still crazy. Are you still sane? Some suggestions for “keeping your head when all about you are losing theirs!”

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