How to Receive Your Manifestation When We Are STUCK in LOCKDOWN | Don’t Let This Stop You..

Get Out of Your Way, and Be Awesome

You are your own worst critic. Do you believe this to be true for you? If you aren’t sure, take a day or two and pay attention to the voice inside your head and what it says about you. See if any of these sound familiar for you. “Why did you do that?” “Don’t look in the mirror, it’s disgusting”. “Idiot, why didn’t you speak up?” On and on, right? Ugh, does it have to be like this? No it doesn’t. Do you know what’s great about this? You can also be your biggest fan.

Geology As a Career Option

Earth science is also known as Geo science. Its study enhances knowledge about the planet earth.

The Manager As Mediator: Measure and Gain Commitment

Have you ever tried to resolve conflict when there was no motivation? Although we often see the other person as the problem, maybe you were resistant, too. Regardless, without any desire to change, it’s a lot harder to work things out.

The Problem Of Fear And Pain

Fear is caused by a false belief. A false belief is unauthorised and is therefore disempowering & disabling. Using will power to suppress fear is called bravery or courage. Using emotional energy to overcome fear is called being emotionally intelligent.

The Insomniac’s Survival Guide: Discovering Three Beneficial Aspects

Sleeplessness does not have to destroy your life. Transform restless nights into times of personal growth and development.

An Unexamined Life

Many of us sail through life impervious to the choices we make each day. Such decisions are often made without even second guessing ourselves. We discover that many of these choices are programmed, that is they are devoid of conscious intent. As time goes by we may pause and reflect how such choices were made, perhaps realising that we have not been as present after all.

The Conscious Mind Must Submit to Spirit

What we tell ourselves everyday has a huge impact on our overall experience of our life. Thoughts are things and are places of consciousness. Consciousness is destined to evolve, just like a species will evolve and adapt to its environment, so too does consciousness. The thought, held with enough emotions and determination will travel out from its nest, the mind, and mix with the cosmos, the divine intelligence that is part of everything, and in time will manifest on the physical plane as matter or a situation.

9 Ways To Build Your Character – Choose Your Destiny

The all powerful angel, lives inside all of us, breaking free from limited thought and self placed constraints enable us to chose who we want to be. Not who we think we should be. Choose your destiny.

Hang On To Your Magic

Your magic doesn’t come from a wand, a spell-book, and a cupboard full of potions, but from seeing your options… and exercising them. J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter books turned out to be magical in ways that extended far beyond the magic possessed by the story’s characters.

How to Build Momentum for Your Business

This is an article that is discusses a very important element of uncommon achievement which is momentum. Without it you see a gradual decline in your drive to achieve.

Getting A Job

Losing a job is one of life’s difficult situations. Getting another job can even be harder. Keeping a clear head and taking the long term view can help.

Important Things in Life Are Supposed to Be Hard.

The sooner we realize that the important things in life, the things that are worth while in life are going to be difficult to achieve. But we also need to realize that they will be worth it too.

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