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Self Improvement – Your Value System and Its Importance

Your value system defines you. It is your ideas and virtues that guide your actions. This value system influences your decisions. When you follow your value system, make judgments and take action based on your virtues, you represent to all what you stand for. It is by these value guided judgments and actions that people will form their opinions of you. Your values determine what others think about you.

How To Exercise The Language of Trust

Even though there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of languages to communicate verbally on Mother Earth. And, even though we don’t all speak those languages with each other. For example, I only know how to read and speak English. Yet and still, we all have on language in common: the language of Trust.

Paradigms – The Maps To Your Mind

What Is A Paradigm? Paradigms (para-dime’) are the maps to your way of doing things, to your mind, heart, attitudes, and behaviors. The way you see your paradigm leads to what you do. Learn the principle of using the correct map as you navigate throughout life.

Behavior Patterns – Real Change That Lasts

To creating lasting changes in behavior patterns, we must first get at the root of the problem and then use ongoing awareness and discernment to make the right choices. The way to get to the root is by clearing our negative self-image and limiting beliefs. Understanding Judgment vs Discernment helps us stay on the right path.

Attract the Success You Desire to Your Door Steps With The MASTER System

This article serves as a very straightforward blueprint, in order for you to achieve your utmost desirable outcomes in your life. I have called this blueprint The MASTER System. There are a few super simple steps that you will need to understand, and most importantly apply to your daily life. These steps are…

Online Coaching, What Is It?

Online Coaching – High demands, stressful situations, and busy lifestyles may leave individuals confused and overwhelmed when it comes to making important decisions. Many people feel stuck are unhappy where they are currently and are unsure how to go about making changes. Some feel unworthy or that there not good enough to have better things.

To Be More, Do Less

Personal experiences and insights into the tremendous benefits of fasting. This article covers 5 benefits of fasting and offers 3 tips to stick to it.

Letting Others Down

When we have to let others down easy, it is usually because of something that happened they weren’t expecting. Something that happened out of our control and we have to tell them what they were hoping for didn’t come through.

Source of the Human Spirit (Part 1)

In the western world is the democratic society built upon fundamental laws that concern an individual freedom, policy of reason, and a humanitarian ethical values, but external laws and regulations can however not only by themselves help the individual to understand and adopt corresponding values, when concerning the individual himself and his dealings with other persons, how to live healthy in body and soul. The fundamental laws of the society are alone not sufficient to be the correct way in whole in cultivating individual conscience to its full, how the rights things and…

6 Things You Must Learn To Do Now

Make money on your own? What do I mean by this? Nowadays everything we do revolves around our jobs and a steady paycheck. If you don’t have a job, society tends to treat you as a nobody.

More Meditating, Less Medicating

Discover how meditating your pain away can be more beneficial and less stressful on the body than over medicating. This article is for inspirational purposes only. Consult your healthcare professional before making any changes in your medical procedures.

Sound Mind Leads To A Sound Body

Present generation focus on slim body by following diet rules, affecting their mind. Leading to depression and irritation. Example of a student leading a perfect healthy life and tips from her.

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