How to Prepare Your Vessel to Receive Everything You Ask For from The Universe [Law of Attraction]

Dream Based Hollywood Movies

Every single one of us sleeps during the night, which means that we all have dreams that no-one else is privy to. Dreams are almost like having your own personal movie playing in your head every night, with you as the star. Some nights it’s an action/adventure flick, others it’s a horror movie, and on some occasions it might even be a romance. It’s almost surprising that Hollywood hasn’t made more attempts to tackle the crazy world of dreams, but it’s that personal nature of them that quite possibly makes it so difficult to do so. Dreams rarely run in sequential order and have a way of sending you from one crazy scene to the next in the bat of a REM sleep eyelid. When done properly, though, dreams can make for a pretty good movie going experience.

Can a Dream Save a Life?

Most dreams are a jumbled mess that the majority of us fail to even remember a few short moments after we wake up. Then there are those that jolt us out of our sleep, dripping sweat, and shaking uncontrollably. These types of dreams usually involve some sort of nightmarish disaster that seems a little too real for comfort. Once we are back in the real world and realize that we are still tucked up in our cozy little beds, those dreams eventually fade away. What would you do, though, if one of those dreams ended up being something that happened on the evening of the day after you woke up? There are those that claim their dreams are in fact a sign of some real impending disaster, and back in 1979, one of those visions saved the life of a major celebrity.

How to Live Your Dreams Without Any Fears

During the journey of life, people chase their desires and dreams. They really want to fulfill their wishes but often fears step in and they find themselves losing control of the situation. Dreams and desires are of vital importance to our existence and our lives revolve around them. “Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.” ~ Les Brown

Benefits of Controlling Your Dreams

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of dream control, and six simple steps to help with dream control. By the end of this article, you should have the techniques and tools needed to be in charge of your dreams.

How to Eliminate Your Nightmares

Do you dread going to bed at night due to your fear that you might have an awful nightmare and all the horror that will come with it? Are you feeling as if your nightly pursuit of pleasant dreams is being hijacked by ghastly nightmares? If your answer to these questions is yes, then the following tips should help you regain your peace of mind and promote pleasant dreams.

Top 10 Popular Dream Subjects and Their Interpretation

There are certain dream subjects that repeatedly appear in our dreams, symbolizing different feelings and moods that find their way out from our unconscious. These subjects usually change in line with the circumstances of our lives, adjusting for the new challenges that we face and altering the structure of our dreams capes. Here are the top 10 dream subjects commonly identified in people’s dreams: Animals – their appearance in dreams reflects our primitive desires along with our untamed or uncivilized nature.

Explanation of Psychological Complexes

Psychological complexes might have a huge impact on our life being subconsciously the first and last thing that guides our thoughts and actions, an obsession that our mind cannot defeat so it eventually surrenders to it bearing all the emotional sacrifice included. Below is a thorough explanation of what psychological complexes really are and the relevant processes that take place in our mind.

Types of Psychological Complexes

All humans have psychological complexes. They exist in different forms and dimensions in each individual’s world. The best way to examine them is by dividing them in different categories.

Are You an Adrenaline Junkie?

The human body is a marvel of nature, designed to handle and perform different functions in our life. Perhaps the most complex organ in our body is our mind. It has been observed that during states of anxiety, fear or extreme stress, a powerful stimulating chemical called adrenaline is released from the brain. Adrenaline offers a boost of energy to our body as a reaction to the intense situation. Once the person is out of danger, the adrenaline levels in the body go back to normal since the additional adrenaline is absorbed by the body or eliminated.

The Secret to Finding Your Purpose

What is my purpose? A question many of us wrestle with to be sure. This article draws us a map and helps answer that very important question.

Stepping Into the Unknown: The Exciting Adventure Called Change

Heraclitus said, “The only constant is change.” Change is always happening whether we choose to make change or not. Things change: flowers whither, seeds sprout, caterpillars become butterflies, clothes become worn, waves erode the shores.

The Law of Attraction and the Choices We Make

How The Law of Attraction can help us make more appropriate choices in our daily lives. What roles do magnetism and frequency play?

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