How to Open Your Throat Chakra | Powerful Activation [Find Your Truth!!]

Personal Development: Practice Is More Important Than Theory

If you read and talk about personal development too much, then it can begin to turn into a kind of mystical abstraction. The more you try to intellectualize about it, the further away your goals seem to become.

Confidence Unleashed

If I were to say to you that you were born for greatness, a purpose to lead an extraordinary life full of success and happiness, what would your immediate thought be? If you are thinking… Yeah Right!… That right there is your lack of self confidence talking to you.

Your Three Only Choices When Faced With Problems

Do you believe me when I say that when faced with any problem, we have only three choices? It’s true. We can try to avoid difficulties, control them, or resolve them. Here’s what I mean. Say I’m in an abusive marriage. I can endure the abuse and make excuses for my spouse (avoid). I can fight back (control). Often we swing between the two. Or I can get help, seek counsel, and take positive action (resolve the issue). Inappropriately trying to avoid or control problems is what I call “shadow.” Shadow is a state of mind where we are defensive self-protectors. Whatever the cost, we want to be right, get control of the situation, or feel safe. Resolving the problem is on the back-burner.

Get Over Yourself With Journal Writing Therapy

Do you like yourself in every way, or are there pockets of your personality that make you uncomfortable? Would you like to change the way you habitually react in certain circumstances? Journal writing offers a sure, kind, easy, and accessible way to shed old unwanted emotions and clear the way towards personal freedom.

Your Calling: Finding That Passion Again

You must never forget that your call is more than an honorable profession, a praiseworthy dedication or even a commendable way of life. Rather it is a tender, life giving relationship between the savior and a shepherd. A call to ministered starts and can accomplish incredible achievement beyond your wildest dreams because of such a personal relationship between God and the one who He called.

The Secret to Sustaining Change and Preventing Relapse

The missing ingredient to sustainable change is to become someone new. You cannot take the old habits and put them in a new environment and expect things to be different.

The Voice That Says, “It’s Not Safe”

When I was in intensive therapy in my 20s, I met a part of my personality that was working overtime to keep love out. Of course, that’s not how I understood it at the time; I only knew that there was a big, strong, judgmental part of me that kept intimate others at a distance and could think of every reason in the world why they weren’t safe. My therapist asked me to give this part a name, so I called it the Gatekeeper.

Midlife Crisis Step Number One Is Forgiveness

To have a functional, struggle-free Midlife Crisis – Forgiveness is often the first step. Until we learn to forgive ourselves and others we cannot begin our new life cleanly.

MindOS (MiGrowth): A Comprehensive Review

Imagine… being given a “cheat sheet” or a “treasure map” to life, that, if followed to the letter, could lead you to your unique destination of untold riches and sex/love, and do so with incredible accuracy… BUT…. if you averted it, would lead to your downfall… a life of listless boring emptiness or incredible pain and drama. Would you take it? This intriguing proposition brings us to our full review of the MindOS Personal Growth system for reaching goals and solving emotional problems… Read on.

How To Deal With Any Disappointment In 3 Easy Steps

Did you know that one of the most important things in terms of building and creating your motivation and self-confidence is the way you deal with any disappointment that comes your way? It seems obvious, but perhaps you never looked at it from this perspective. There are people who take any disappointment in their stride; observe what happened, explore the lesson that needs to be learned and then… simply move onto the next exciting adventure.

Grudges and Forgiveness

Who hasn’t at one point in their life held a grudge against another? Sometimes we can hold these grudges for long periods of time and even years leading up until our death. Of course we may believe we are only acting out of principle, but we are in actuality hurting ourselves.

Personal Development, The Importance Of Investing In Yourself

Personal development is the key to free yourself from mediocrity. Your current level of thinking has created your current situation, so if you want to change your situation, you have to change your mindset.

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