How to Notice When Source is Talking to You

Change Yourself and Fortune Will Change With You

There is always a room for improvement,” isn’t it? And what better than improving one? Change yourself and fortune will change with you. Self improvement is the process of improving yourself in terms of personality, economically, intellectually or emotionally. Let’s try to improve you by following the 10 tips…

A Life-Changing Resolution That Really Makes A Difference

New Year’s resolutions allow us to plan, scheme and even dream about what is possible in our lives for the coming year. But rather than promising to get in shape or to be more organized, this time choose a life-changing resolution that really makes a difference.

Mankind’s Primary Motivation

Through the ages, everything mankind has achieved, created or done was for one reason and one reason only: the quest to experience pleasure over pain. The internal basis for every decision made, from childhood forward, is for this reason.

Are They Shoulders or Should-ers?

There seems to be an epidemic of shoulder problems occurring now. Rotater Cuff, “Frozen” shoulder, torn deltoid shoulder muscle, pulled tendon… all these and more are afflicting people lately. Possibly you or someone you know is suffering from the pain of shoulder damage. What could be the cause of this mass health issue? The answer may surprise you.

How Can Change in Perspective Change Your Life?

While life is full of change sometimes it is hard to change your perspective. Then it may take a minor change to help you see the world in a whole different light. This little view change can make a difference in your future and your dreams and goals.

10 Tips for Handling Strained Relationships During the Holidays

This is the time of year when many people feel stressed and not wanting (needing) to be with family. All your bad feelings come up as you remember how past holidays went. Remember your thoughts just last year? “I’m never going to do that again!” “I can’t believe those are my relatives” “Why was I so stupid to think they would change?” Past hurts rage as the memories spin around in your head. How can you make this holiday season different? How will you act and how will you feel after the Holidays are over? Implement the tips below and you’ll be amazed as to the change you’ll make in yourself. When you change yourself, you’ll notice a change in others. It’s funny how that works! What would be different in your life when you bring a bigger and better person (You!) to any relationship? Below are 10 simple tips to make this Holiday Season worth remembering in a good way.

Being Well Prepared For Your Interview

In some people’s point of view, attending interviews can be a nerve-wracking experience. If you are in the midst of looking for a new job, you are advised to get yourself well prepared for every interview session. Having confidence is not really sufficient. You need to find ways to impress your potential employers.

How To Change Yourself This Year

Another year has passed and once again you may be making new year resolutions. What happened to those you made last year? How long did you manage to keep them for?

Learn Simple Spanish Phrases With Audio – It Could Be Fun

Have you ever traveled to a country whose primary language is not English? Are you tired of being dependent on your Tour Guides or Electronic Translators? Did you ever try including in your journey preparation learning simple Spanish phrases with audio?

Individual Values

Put simply, values are things that we think are important. Values are the internal rules that people have about how they and others should behave. Values greatly influence our attitudes and behaviour.

Coping With Your Journey For Change

You may be convinced that things have to change and be very clear about how you will change them yet when you tell people that you want things to be different you might encounter some opposition to the changes you propose to make. It may be easy to tell people what you want to do but may not be so easy to actually overcome the obstacles in your way and actually achieve what you want. Be prepared for the journey of change to have its rough patches as well as smooth runs. Keep your destination in mind and do not…

How To Do What You Want To Do

Do you feel that you haven’t enough time to do all those things you really want to do? What could you start to do that would have the biggest effect on the way you manage your time? You could do things more efficiently and devise systems to ensure that happens. Arrange things which are used together to be stored near each other so you don’t waste time going back and forth to collect bits and pieces which are always used at the same time.

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