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Adventures in Density & Effort

Adventures in Density & Effort describes my belief of what life on earth is all about. I believe we are Spirit manifesting in this reality for the fun of experiencing the opposite of who We Are.

Who’s Driving The Car? How To Navigate Life With Sub-Personalities

We all have many sub-personalities but it doesn’t mean we’re schizophrenic! We can actually use them to our advantage.

Good Heart Exploited? Hijacked by Your Virtues

Because we come to identify with our virtues and principles, it can be very destabilizing to have these parts of our identities doubted or attacked. When a person reacts reflexively to any doubt about their virtue by leaping to prove it, it becomes very easy for others to consciously or unconsciously begin to selectively drive their behavior by expressing doubt or making accusations. By recognizing the inner stability and self-regulating qualities of healthy values, we counter attempts by others to “take advantage of our good heart”

Ten Things That Small Children Teach Us

Young children are often wiser than adults because their lives haven’t been complicated yet by society. They can teach us some very valuable lessons..

Life Begins At Forty

Midlife is a time of transition and the dawning of a new vital phase in the seasons of life. It is not to be feared but welcomed as a period with immense potential for growth.

Fear Is a Choice

There seems to be so much to be afraid of these days. But do we really understand fear itself? If we did, could we come to terms with fear and open to a different experience?

Never Gave Up On You

Have you ever loved someone so much you simply could not or would not give up on them because you cared too much? What lies behind this kind of commitment? It is good for you; is there a time to let go?

Fixed Vs Growth Mindset: Where’s Your Life Taking You?

This article discusses the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset and how having a growth mindset can take you further in life by embracing life’s challenges by focusing on the work or the “process” of accomplishing our goals. I will discuss a few different examples of each and also provide characteristics of each type of mindset.

Cure Disappointment

I am Ms. Planner. I always make plans. However, you may experience disappointments with your plans. Not all plans lead to success. No human being has been spared of disappointment; disappointment is a fact of life. I admit it; I have had my share of severe disappointments that if I was not able to overcome could have devastated me and ruined my life. Actually, for a while my severe disappointment did take a toll on me. But thanks to my support system, I was able to see through that disappointment.

She Said My Apology Was Accepted

For years and years, I looked for her, Elizabeth from 4th grade and even with the advent of social media I could never find her. Every time I’d hear a story about bullying I saw her face and then mine. When I saw the movie Flatliners, I couldn’t get her out of my head for a month. I wanted so badly to apologize to this little 4th-grade girl, and I never thought I’d get the chance. That is until the other day; there she was by complete accident on a friend’s Facebook feed. I was scared to befriend her, I wondered if she remembered me, I wondered if she hated me, I wondered if she even cared, I wondered if she had the same childhood memory I lugged around for almost half a century. I tucked fear into the back seat, and then I requested her as a friend on Facebook. In what seemed like an instant she accepted my request. My hands were trembling, and I was afraid. My hope was she didn’t remember the incident or me.

Are You Intuitive? Or Do You Think You’re Not At All?

Are you intuitive? Or do you call it something else? Or do you think you’re not intuitive at all?

Significant Life Choices Regarding Caring (3)

One of my significant life choices was to become a caring person. God began to root out my tendencies toward pride, anger and selfishness. It was hard work and I cried a lot. I made a lot of mistakes. I was occasionally snarky, unforgiving and unkind. Those character qualities would prohibit a caring attitude toward others.

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