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How Being Smart Can Really Slow You Down

Being smart and intelligent can get in the way of living the life of your dreams. Don’t fall into the trap of “Understanding”.

Unconditional Love – Need Healing of Painful Memories? Open Up To Unconditional Love

When we’ve been hurt deeply by the words and actions of someone close to us, we can find ourselves replaying the old recording in our heads – over and over we replay the hurtful words and relive the hurtful action. What’s occurring here is that we’re deepening the wound. The event has ended but by focusing on the incident we’re making reruns and delaying our own healing.

You Are a Direct Reflection of Your Environment – 4 Ways to Change Your Environment to Help You Grow

Most people are not fortunate enough to be surrounded by an amazing environment and outstanding people. So you are responsible for choosing your peer group to help you grow. Who you choose to surround yourself with is who you will become. It is so easy to surround yourself with people who have lower standards but this will tempt you to drop your standards to make others feel better and to make yourself feel like you belong. People are a direct reflection of their peer group’s expectations. If people are supportive, positive and energised for life… they will behave that way too.

The Truth of Your Heart Leads You to Your Love

The question is, “Do I stay or do I go?” I ask my Soul for a sign, a very clear sign, to show me to take off my wedding band. That sign will be the green light to leave my marriage. A marriage that was wonderful until one day my Soul told me that my destiny was elsewhere.

Getting To The “Why” of What You Do

To get to the deeper why of why you do what you do or why something happened in your life, go within your self and take your time to go through every layer of yourself until you hit upon the answer. This can become overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. A good way of helping you go deeper without become overwhelmed is to Journal your thoughts. Whether you write poetry, a short story or just let loose with your thoughts on paper, journaling is a good way of getting through the thick layers of your emotions and your subconscious.

The Stages of Psychological Trust

Our distrust is very expensive. If we lack trust in others we suffer an extreme form of isolation. Yet trust is not actually a given, some can not help but come into a new relationship riddled with a sense of distrust. However, in an attempt to build relationships and end their own isolation that same individual might decide they will trust until the other is proven untrustworthy.

Choosing Between What You Want To Do and What You Ought To Do

You are very special to God and He gave you the freedom of choice. So, since God created you and me to make decisions, then we can be sure that He has also given us the proper way to make those decisions. The gift of free will is one thing that characterizes God as a Father. He gives us His guidelines for life in His Word and then allows us to make our own choices. We have the power to choose a life of blessings or curses. Our future is completely in our hands.

Unconditional Love – 3 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Forgive

You’ve heard it said that you should forgive the person who has hurt you. You may not be willing to do so or you may find it difficult because of the extent of the wrong he/she may have done. Knowing the benefits of why you need to forgive your adversary may help you better mentally accept and go through the forgiving process.

Considerations When Choosing a Male or a Female Counsellor?

When entering therapy, sometimes it can seem important that we have a counsellor of the right gender. Perhaps the issue is sensitive or we find it difficult to be vulnerable with women or men. This article looks at some of the issues that the reader might want to consider when choosing a male or female counsellor.

Emotional Intelligence, A Must Have in the 21st Century

This articles explains the importance of possessing emotional intelligence if we must succeed in today’s world. It also explains factors to watch out for when learning and applying emotional intelligence to our daily life.

What Is Passionate Purpose?

Many wonder what a passion for life or purpose for life is. Each of us has a purpose for being here. This article discusses what passion and purpose for life look like.

Our Paradigms Control Our Logic!

A paradigm is never called into question because nobody thinks about it. It’s like having the proverbial rose coloured glasses on all the time; we see everything through these glasses.

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