How to Manifest Your Life Into The Future [Don’t Miss Out!!]

Dichotomous Thinking – It Will Screw With You Every Time!

Many people think that our situations are responsible for our pain. But have you ever known any two people who were faced with the exact same circumstances but responded completely differently? Read on to find out why.

Personal Development Where Do You Start?

Personal development can be viewed from many differing points of view. For some, it is just the natural advancement of life and for others, it may emerge as a result of hitting rock bottom and the realisation that “I just don’t want these bad feelings anymore!” Regardless of why you might be reading this I thought I would write a few words about personal development focusing more on the why, rather than the how. The path I took followed looked a little like this:

Working With Difficult Thoughts

As the majority of my clients come to me seeking help for their anxiety, I’d like to offer a detailed approach for working with negative or unwanted thoughts. It’s important to recognize that working with difficult thoughts effectively is a lifelong and daily practice, meaning that large doses of patience are required from the onset. As is always the case when trying to change a negative habit, it takes time, commitment, and persistence. For those of us that are prone to negative thinking, changing this habit takes months, and each time you’re in transition you’ll be offered an opportunity to address the habit at yet a deeper level.

3 Tips To Prevent You From Sabotaging Your Own Success

Why is it that success can elude me? Why does this happen time and time again? Why is it that success seems to come easy to some, but never to me? Why is it never my turn to enjoy the excitement of achieving the goals?

Attaining Self Development Is About Seizing Life Opportunities

In order to achieve self development in life there is no such thing as luck. Personally, I know of another term; ‘life opportunity.’ I do believe that anyone can create and manipulate circumstances in order to improve their lives. You can improvise using the available limited resources at your disposal in an innovative manner so as to come up with results that ensure development of self.

Who Are You Really? Know Yourself – Be Yourself

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered who you really are? I am not talking about short-term memory loss or a hangover on Sunday morning. There are times in my life when I have asked the question – Who am I really?

Who Do You Think You Are?

Do you get hooked by the “Who Do You Think You Are? Syndrome” when you dream big? When you imagine living life as your greatest self?. One thing you may not be aware of is that your dreams play a huge part in the divine design of your life. Say “yes” to your dream, and to your greater self and remember who you really are!

What’s LAW Got to Do With It?

The brilliant author of the above quote wrote a dynamic book in the early 1960’s titled “Working with the Law”. I have had it in my possession since the early 1980’s when I was introduced to it.

Having a Life Coach

A popular decision that people make these days is hiring a life-coach over an expensive psychologist or psychiatrist to help them manage their lives and achieve certain goals. Many times they will use a life coach to attain certain lifestyle management that would otherwise be unobtainable for them because the life-coach helps them assess their needs and maps out strategies to use. Can one be certain that a life-coach can help them manage their lives and concerns?

Don’t Be a Victim – Take Charge of Your Life!

It’s really easy for many people to fall into the ‘victim mentality’ and I hear it a lot these days! Now, please realize that I am talking about things over which you have control – like birthday celebrations, weddings, the way you run your business and so on.

Showing Gratitude – Three Levels Explained That You Can Apply to Your Life Now

Showing gratitude means so much. No matter what level you are at, there is something for you to apply in this article.

Our Driving Habits Destroy Habitats

The environmental movement is catching on, but is it catching on fast enough. Are your habitats impacting the habitats of indigenous animals in your regions? Find out what you can do to protect habitats in your areas.

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