How to Manifest Your Dream Home Using Law of Attraction | Step by Step Manifestation Technique

What Are You Making Up?

We make up assumptions and stories, and we do it all day long. And it’s easy to forget that assumptions aren’t facts. Next time you find yourself reacting to words, facial expressions, actions, or whatever it is that has you feeling mad, hurt, or worked up into a snit, take a deep breath and then go gather some actual facts.

The Opposite of PTSD and What It Looks Like

We hear a lot about PTSD, how the mind and body prepare for and manage reminders of the ways we have been wounded. Is there an “opposite” of PTSD? Does the body/mind remember excellence and heightened states of atunement and self actualization? How would that look? This short article shows how the mind/body can access and use such spiritualized and actualized experience to replay peaks of awareness, connection and health in our day to day lives

Is Self-Love the Path to Self-Awakening?

After a particularly rough day of attempting to balance, say, attending college, spending time with family, keeping a tidy home, and working full time, you may feel overstressed, overworked, and generally unsatisfied with your life. If this sounds like you, try to remember: Once you stop having fun with something and start to doubt yourself, you ultimately won’t be good at it anymore. You shouldn’t take anything too seriously in life.

Thought and Emotions in Our Spiritual Journey

This article answers a number of questions raised by many people about why we go through difficult and challenging experiences. It answers questions about why most of what people learn is in life is through the hard way. Why they learn the most valuable life lessons through pain and emotional hurt. After reading the article, you will understand the fundamental reason for this situation. In addition, you will understand how these experiences are connected to our spiritual development and growth. In what way they operate to make us get the feeling of being connected to the Source.

Spending Time in the Highlands

Life in the mountain is always challenging and boring for some because of the absence of technology. But it is definitely a relaxing place especially when you are soul-searching.

Your True Source of Confidence

What makes one person confident and another one insecure? Money makes some people think they are invincible. The idea is, the more money they have the more secure their life is.

4 Important Ways To Maintain Good Intent For Others

In order to deal successfully with others it is essential to focus on the cosmic reason behind maintaining good intentions for others. The prime reason is to evolve our consciousness through our dealings with others.

10 Tips For Surviving Networking Events

Don’t be intimidated by networking events. Prepare, set some goals, ask questions, be genuinely interested and just jump in!

How Can We Move On After Experiencing A Tragedy In Our Life?

What’s keeps us stuck in a rut? How can we move on? This article explores some easy insights and tips to help us to move on in life and to change our perspective. Mostly common sense, but nevertheless this article could be the start of a new life for you.

Quest: A Challenge

Are you alive or are you only surviving? Life is full of opportunities, the question is only whether we approaching it with the right attitude and intention.

Top 5 Reasons Why We Shouldn’t Stop Learning

Many people think that learning stops once they step out of university. Only a few people realize that learning at this point has just begun.

Top 3 Reasons Why People Complain

Why do people seem to always find things to complain about? This habit not only makes your life less productive, it also affects your relationship with others and causes poor health. Through thorough research and personal experience, below are some of the main reasons why people likes to complain.

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