How to Manifest with the Law of Assumption (10x More Powerful than Law of Attraction)

Sticking to New Years Resolutions

Most people at sometime in their life make a New Years Resolution, but not many people will follow through with a New Years Resolution for even 6 months! Why? They have high hopes! They want the resolution to happen, that’s why they made it! So why don’t people stick to it?

5 FREE Tips for Your New Year’s Resolution That Will Set You Free

NEW YEAR’S EVE – I love this evening better than any other. It’s a time to celebrate and to reflect. I used to have that feeling of ‘what’s changed?…. um nothing!’ and in reality ‘what’s gonna change?…. um nothing!’ BUT this year it is and has been very different. I’ve found something I’m passionate about and I’m going to share the 5 free tips for your New Year’s Resolution that Will Set You Free (and kick procrastination out the door).

Communicating Positively

Positive communication helps you project yourself in the best possible way before your listeners. People welcome you everywhere you go as they become aware that your presence would spread a positive vibe thus bringing in the goal an inch closer. So communicating positively means communicating to success!

Stop Living Your Life On Autopilot!

Are you living your life on autopilot without even realizing it? Does life seem to throw things at you that you haven’t asked for? Are there never enough hours in the day and do you constantly ask yourself, “Why is this always happening to me?” If you start your day on autopilot then you’re setting yourself up to fail end of story! My father used to jokingly say, “If you wake up and your body aches, be glad, it means you’re still alive. But if you wake up and feel nothing then you’re in trouble it could mean you’re already dead!”

Connect to Your Inner Voice

Controlled breathing really helps connect you with your inner voice, that moment when you’re stressed out, maybe a bit angry or frustrated, or just don’t know what to do next, and all you can hear are the voices in your head or what everyone else thinks… maybe its time to see what you think?

Being Selfish

Being Selfish is being my Self. Being Truly Selfish is being my Soul. It is my intention to be as my Soul is, as truly selfish as my Soul. When I am being my True Self, my Soul, I am being neither selfish nor unselfish. Selfish & unselfish are a duality…

Habits 101 – Maddening Little Blighters

I’ve always been amazed with how powerful our habits are and how hard it can be to break ourselves out of addictive poisonous habits. We can change a habit, do it for that 21 days it takes for a habit to be imprinted into our brain, think we have it and then wake up one morning to find that we’ve reverted. Our mind is a powerful thing and to use that power to change a habit takes vigilance.

Personal Development Strategies – How to Take Responsibility for Your Actions

Would you like to improve your life, pay off debt, and have fulfilled relationships? If you are dissatisfied, I will tell you one small secret revolutionized my life when I began to apply it. The secret? I took charge of my own personal development plan by taking responsibility for my actions. When I did this, I met my current beautiful wife, had two beautiful children, and achieved consistent promotions and dream jobs. When I forget to apply this secret, I become more miserable, in debt, and experience conflict in my relationships. Here are some practical strategies to turn your life around.

Humility Is A Profound Teacher

Character is a broadly used word that describes many things about people. More often than not, we see how people act and hear their words spoken only to find the actions do not match the words; this is usually described as a hypocrite. Unfortunately, this also describes us as individuals at times in our lives. The difference is that we don’t go out of our way to admit this to ourselves, or anyone else for that matter. Why not? Is it that difficult to be more careful with the words we choose and what we choose to do in life? The simple answer is yes, it is truly that hard for the human to look at their actions and admit mistakes.

How “Scarcity Thinking” Affects More Than Just You

Sometimes you know the right things to say, but your past conditioning gets in the way. The other night I was sitting at home, talking with my 14 year old daughter, Kamryn. She was sitting on the couch looking at apartments. So I asked her if she found someplace yet. She said she was looking in New York because she wasn’t going to be living here forever. I gave a quick, internal exclamation of joy and told her that was great!

A Short Introduction on Beginning Personal Change

There seems to me to be a growing consciousness that our current leaders, authority institutions (local and government) and corporate organisations are failing to address the human needs of this time. We may all be guilty to some degree as we largely bought into the boom periods in the Western World and liked the idea of getting rich without too much effort or responsibility. We borrowed beyond our short term means to pay back our personal and mortgage loans we took out to make our lives more comfortable.

Embracing Life

Embracing life is a way of accepting what comes down our path, without judgement. It’s the judgement that we create about any situation that causes us to choose how to cope through hardships. Coping is not about pain and suffering. Coping is choosing to live INSPITE of what is present to us as a learning opportunity. When you embrace Pain it’s not as painful suddenly…

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