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Significant Life Choices Regarding God’s Creation (2)

There’s much misunderstanding about God’s simple solution to evil. A puppet without a face can help us understand what God did for the people he created and loved. We, as individuals, are required to make a significant choice that can affect our whole life and ultimate death.

Significant Life Choices Regarding God (1)

This first article in the Significant Life Choice series sets the tone for this article and the ones to follow. I address how I came to be the person I am through the choices I made since I was five years old. Caring about others is more important than the many things that keep us busy. It truly comes from the heart. God guards my heart and enables me to care for people like he does.

What Do You Really THINK?

You can never help anyone else, unless you first, truly believe in yourself, your worthiness, and take the time, and make the effort, to become introspectively objective, enough, to know yourself, as thoroughly and completely, as possible! For example, are your stated goals and dreams, actually, your own, or do you merely articulate what others state, and focus on belonging, and being part of the group? Have you ever made a vertical line, down the middle of the page, and listed what you considered your strengths and weaknesses, or your assets versus needs?

Inside to Outside

One of the key steps of personal development is knowing yourself. To do this, you need to assess your core values.

Are You a Secret People Pleaser? [Quiz]

If you’re a people pleaser, it’s easy to say yes when someone asks for help. But when your Yes is automatic, your schedule can start to feel like a traffic jam, and your ability to get things done is stalled. Learn why we say yes and how to get off automatic.

Do Yourself a Favor

there are times when life churns us – while delivering the toughest times. the tough time is not the issue. that’s usually fine… bearable till a point it’s the after effects that kill us. read the article to find out how one can let go and live!!

5 Signs That You On A Collision Course With Life

Are you a smooth operator or a stunt driver in your life journey? Are you aware that you are the driver on the most important trip you will ever make? Turn right, left, stay the course or turn around, these are all significant choices you make on this trip, each one affecting the quality and arrival at your chosen destination. Are you on track for a safe arrival or on a collision course that will ensure a crash that leaves you in pain and always searching for a solution? Just like on the highways you travel each day; there are warning signs that help you to avoid a crash.

Take That Call

Change. It’s a pretty scary word. It requires going out of your comfort zone, doing something new.

The Gift of Failing

Failing is important. It helps discover innovative ways to succeed. So need not feel sad when you feel. Keep trying for betterment, success is bound to follow.

Five Ways to Live a Life of Purpose

Living a life of purpose is never easy. It can be tempting to simply drift through life and allow whatever happens to take you wherever it please-in short, to simply go with the flow of life. Yet as people this cheats us from fulfilling ourselves and developing our full potential. It is important we live our life filled with purpose

How Your Glasses Change Your Success!

This article examines how our individual perception on life affects the level of success and happiness we have. The article also gives ways to begin to change your perception to increase your success.

What Is Intuition? (And What It’s Not)

Intuition, gut reaction, natural response, there are probably a whole host of ways to describe the same thing. You may have an entirely different concept of intuition, and whether you are intuitive or not. But here are some of my thoughts on what intuition is.

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