How to Let Go & Trust The Universe| Extremely Powerful Law of Attraction Technique [100% Success!!]

Becoming a More Patient Person

Learning to become more patient might seem like a tall order, but it can be done. It just takes a few steps and understanding to make it from an impatient person to one who’s calm and patient. Here are a few tips on how to begin mastering that temperament of yours.

To Be or Not To Be Stuck: Choices People Make and the Price They Pay If They Are Not Aware

Many are stuck in their life and relationships without having the courage to take the necessary steps to move forward. Fear of change paralyzes them. They stay with the situation they have been used to and thus harm their life and relationships.

Now Is the Time For Success or Failure

Why is my life as it is? What did I do or what can I do to make a difference.? What is the reality of change?

What’s My Point, Counterpoint, and Purpose?

Points, Counterpoints & Purpose – OH MY! Ah… the age old question – Why are we here? Ever wonder what in tarnation it is that you are supposed to be doing with your life? Where in the heck is that instruction manual anyway?

Staying Clear In The Moment

Staying clear in the moment is giving up on the idea of trying to manage it. It is letting go of any control and allowing yourself and the moment to exist just as it is. With control there is a fight and when this occurs, we are betraying ourselves; we are letting ourselves be controlled. To be free of this is to give up on the fight; it is to lay it down and to cease the act of trying to manage everything.

Becoming Fully You

Often in life we find we are not being who we truly are, that we are holding something back, a feeling that we are not fully connected to what we are as a person. It is like we are going through life as someone else, playing a role and not being true to who we really are.

Personal Growth And Change

Personal growth is about reaching a place that is a new you, the real you. It is about releasing parts of you that you no longer need and finding out about who you really are. To achieve any kind of growth is to find what is holding you back and then what you need to do to set it free.

Contentment And Money

We often find in life that we are always seeking wealth, that we always need more, that somewhere around the corner we will find the excess we are looking for. There must be more money to be had, more wealth to be made, that we never have enough. Always looking, always seeking for more, leads us to feeling empty.

Learn From Your Fears to Improve Your Life

We don’t like fear – it isn’t pleasant. But, depending on how we respond it can be functional. There are also different reasons for being fearful. If we can listen to our fear we can learn much from it.

Practice Forgiveness

Exercising our power involves forgiving those people who have let us down. For example, Jane’s mother was very jealous of her and undermined her talents growing up. Jane joined a women’s group at her church, and…

Changing Bad Habits to Improve Your Personal Life

Once something becomes a habit it can be very difficult to change. It is said that it takes about a month of doing something to make it a habit. A person may develop many different habits throughout their lifetime and not all of them will be bad habits.

Why Being Able To Communicate Well Is Vital For Change

Why is it so important to improve the way you communicate? It’s important because when you tell people what you are doing and why, you are more likely to have their support and encouragement. There is a difficult balance to be found between doing exactly what you want to do and doing what other people tell you is the right thing to do.

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